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Facility services specialist ABM rolls out its own EV charging network

ABM, a provider of facility services, infrastructure solutions and parking management, has extensive experience deploying charging stations—it has installed over 30,000 chargers to date. Now the company has rolled out its own proprietary EV charging network. ABM’s EV Charging Network, which is powered by its cloud-based ABM EV OS software in collaboration with Noodoe, will… Read more »

ABM debuts its first branded EV charging hardware and software

ABM is one of the world’s largest providers of facility services, including janitorial, engineering, parking, lighting, HVAC and much more. In recent years the company has added EV charging infrastructure to its offerings, and has installed over 28,000 charging stations to date. Now ABM has announced the debut of its first branded EVSE products, including… Read more »

ABM brings together EV charging, parking, microgrid expertise at new EV ecosystem hub

ABM, a provider of facility services, infrastructure solutions, and parking management, has installed close to 30,000 EV charging stations to date, and now aims to be “a single-source solution provider across the entire EV ecosystem,” offering comprehensive engineering, design, installation and maintenance services. To this end, the company plans to centralize its e-mobility, resiliency and… Read more »

EV charge management isn’t just for fleet depots: Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO

Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO Tracy K. Price EV chargers aren’t the kind of hardware that’s typically installed by the customer—whether that customer is a homeowner who’s charging one EV, or a company with dozens of charging sites. An EV charger deployment generally requires the services of an installer (and larger projects sometimes involve… Read more »

EV Connect’s charging platform approved for US federal procurement process

The US General Services Administration (GSA) recently issued a government-wide, $220-million Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), which establishes a streamlined procurement process for federal agencies to purchase electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and ancillary services to support the electrification of their vehicle fleets. The US government operates some 650,000 vehicles. Network operator EV Connect, a subsidiary… Read more »

Blink Charging to supply chargers to North American GM dealerships

Blink Charging (Nasdaq: BLNK) is deploying its IQ 200 Level 2 chargers at participating GM dealerships in the US and Canada. Working with facility solutions provider ABM, which delivers turnkey EV charging installations, Blink has already started shipping chargers to selected GM dealerships, and has more orders to be filled over the next several months…. Read more »

Gentherm’s localized heating and cooling system can save energy vs central HVAC

Thermal management technology provider Gentherm has received a production vehicle award for its ClimateSense technology, which is used in an all-new 2024 EV from a global automaker.  ClimateSense is Gentherm’s proprietary vehicle “microclimate” solution. It consists  of thermal products, integrated electronics, embedded software and “a thermo-physiology-based, human-centric approach.” ClimateSense technology is designed to use localized… Read more »


2020 CHARGED Media Kit 2020 Event and Production Schedule (Updated) Digital Ads, Sponsored Content, and Webinars For advertising and sponsorship information contact: Laurel Zimmer | | 727-258-7867 Who reads Charged? Charged has a highly-engaged audience of readers interested in electric and hybrid vehicle technology and infrastructure. Here’s a small sample of some recent unsolicited accolades from Charged… Read more »

In-Charge Energy is preparing for the coming tsunami of commercial electric trucks

Widespread adoption of electric commercial vehicles has seemed to be just around the corner for several years now. This has been a puzzling and frustrating situation for EV advocates (and even more so for electric truck builders), because the economic case for electrification is strong. Several industry experts have told Charged that the slow progress… Read more »

ALD’s six-channel printed circuit board automatically balances any size supercapacitor

Advanced Linear Devices (ALD), a California manufacturer of analog technology, has created a six-channel supercapacitor automatic balancing (SAB) printed circuit board (PCB). ALD says the board, known as SABMB6, can balance any size supercapacitor with zero added power dissipation. Each PCB can balance up to six supercapacitors stacked in a series, ranging from six to… Read more »