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DOE selects Enovix for advanced silicon-based anode research funding

The DOE has announced FY2020 federal funding for projects that support new and innovative advanced vehicle technologies. Enovix has been selected to advance R&D on lithium-ion batteries using silicon-based anodes. The selection, recommended by the Vehicle Technologies Office, authorizes Enovix to complete negotiations for a $3.2-million federal award funded through the DOE’s Office of Energy… Read more »

Enovix secures $45 million to commercialize 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery

Enovix Corporation has secured an additional $45 million to produce and commercialize its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery. Enovix CEO Harrold Rust said, “Anchoring the round is a $25-million strategic investment from a leading California technology company. Present investors have added $10 million, and customers have contracted $10 million to develop batteries for specific products and… Read more »

Overcoming Generations Of Innovation Roadblocks To Create And Commercialize The Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Battery

Silicon has long been heralded as the next important anode material. Silicon anodes can theoretically store more than twice as much lithium than graphite anodes used in nearly all Li-ion batteries today. In this session, Ashok Lahiri, Co-Founder & CTO, will share how Enovix’s 3D cell architecture solves the four technical problems of silicon, producing… Read more »