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ClipperCreek releases 64 Amp EVSE for home and commercial use

ClipperCreek’s latest addition to its HCS line of charging stations is aimed at EV drivers and fleet operators who want to “future-proof” their charging infrastructure. The new HCS-80 is a 64-Amp Level 2 charger that delivers up to 15.4 kW of power. The trend of increasing battery size and driving range continues. “As electric vehicle… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s new CP-50 hand-held EVSE tester

Charger manufacturer ClipperCreek has released a compact hand-held EVSE testing tool designed for installers, technicians and facilities maintenance personnel. The new CP-50, priced at $250, can be used to test a Level 1 or Level 2 EVSE installation without a vehicle present. It can function as a stand-alone device or in combination with a digital… Read more »

Getting charged: Installing a ClipperCreek HCS-40 home charging station

After years of writing about the delights of EVs, I decided it was time to walk the walk. I bought a 2015 Nissan LEAF from Tampa Hybrids for 12 grand out the door. That was the first delight of going electric – the chance to buy an almost-new vehicle at a bargain price. While it’s… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s new advanced control interface for HCS series charging stations

EVSE manufacturer ClipperCreek has unveiled a new expansion card for its HCS line of Level 2 charging stations. COSMOS, which can be added to any HCS series charging station for $184, was designed for developers, system operators, and system integrators – it features a simple digital load management interface, as well as UART Serial Communication… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s Universal Pedestal Extension Kit keeps cables safely off the ground

ClipperCreek has introduced a new cable management solution for its line of EV charging stations. The Universal Pedestal Extension Kit is for use with the company’s HCS or CS series stations, and can be added to existing pedestals in the field. This new kit adds easy cable retraction based on an adjustable spring system. It… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s new power-sharing charging stations

The latest addition to ClipperCreek’s diverse line of EV charging equipment is a system that allows two charging stations to share power from one branch circuit. Share2 is an option for the HCS-40 line of chargers that allows charging station owners to install two 32 A Level 2 charging stations on one 40 A circuit…. Read more »

ClipperCreek introduces ruggedized version of PMD-10 Charging Station Pedestal

ClipperCreek’s PMD-10 Universal Pedestal, a mounting solution for the company’s line of EV charging stations, is now available with a “Ruggedized” option. Designed for fleet, parking lot, coastal, and extreme weather environments, the Ruggedized ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal (PMD-10R) features fully powder-coated stainless steel construction, stainless steel machine hardware and plastic bushings for ease of installation…. Read more »

ClipperCreek HCS-40 charging station offers “Ruggedized” option for extreme conditions

The HCS-40, ClipperCreek’s best-selling Level 2 charging station, is now available with a “Ruggedized” option, for stations that are subject to damage by extreme weather or other perils. The ruggedization consists of a rubber overmolded J1772 connector and a field-replaceable connector latch. The American made HCS-40R and HCS-40PR operate at 32 amps and 7.7 kW,… Read more »

ClipperCreek adds ChargeGuard access control option to its HCS Series charging stations

ClipperCreek has added an access control solution to its HCS Series Level 2 charging stations. The ChargeGuard option, designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications, delivers key-based access control. It’s a $78 option for HCS Series chargers, which start at $565. ChargeGuard is designed to be simple to use: plug the vehicle… Read more »

ClipperCreek’s new LCS-30 24-amp Level 2 charging station

ClipperCreek has added a new 24-amp Level 2 charging station to its product line. The LCS-30 provides up to 5.8 kW of power, and is available for both hardwired and plug-in installations. The American-made LCS-30 is aimed at the residential, workplace, fleet, and public amenity charging markets. It features a fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure,… Read more »