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Ascend Elements raises $162 million for Kentucky plant to create cathode materials from recycled batteries

Ascend Elements, a battery recycling company, has raised $162 million in equity investments from Just Climate, Clearvision Ventures and IRONGREY, bringing its 12-month funding total to $704 million. The new funding will be used to advance construction of the company’s Apex 1 plant in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The 1-million-square-foot plant, which is scheduled to open in… Read more »

Ascend Elements to invest a billion in Kentucky battery materials facility

Ascend Elements , a vertically integrated battery recycling and engineered materials company, has announced plans to invest $310 million in the first phase, and up to $1 billion total, to build a battery materials facility at the Commerce Industrial Park II in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The new manufacturing facility, Apex 1, will be home to the… Read more »

Ascend Elements to recycle battery manufacturing scrap for SK Battery America

Battery recycling specialist Ascend Elements (formerly Battery Resourcers) has been selected by SK Battery America (SKBA) to recycle both cell and module battery manufacturing scrap from SKBA’s manufacturing facility in Commerce, Georgia. The scrap material will be recycled at Ascend Elements’ new 154,000-square-foot battery recycling facility in Covington, Georgia, which is designed to recover 98%… Read more »

Ascend Elements says it can extract 99.9% pure graphite from used Li-ion batteries

Ascend Elements, a vertically integrated battery recycling and engineered materials company, and Koura, a producer of fluoroproducts, have announced the launch of a proprietary process that yields battery-grade graphite material from spent lithium-ion batteries. Koura’s parent company Orbia is serving as a development partner to Ascend Elements to scale the company’s technology for commercial production,… Read more »

Ascend Elements to open battery recycling facility in Georgia

Battery recycling and manufacturing company Ascend Elements (formerly known as Battery Resourcers) is planning to open a battery recycling plant in Georgia by August of 2022, where it will recycle lithium, cobalt and nickel. The company plans to invest $43 million in the 154,000-square-foot facility, which will be able to process 30,000 metric tons of… Read more »

Projected EV battery recycling capacity outstrips expected supply

Afraid there won’t be enough recycling plants to recycle EV batteries when they start reaching end of life in large numbers? Well, the opposite might turn out to be the case. Encouraged by generous government incentives, companies have been investing heavily in battery plants. According to new research from technology intelligence firm ABI Research, companies… Read more »

IRA incentives set off battery recycling gold rush

As numerous EV execs have told Charged in recent months, the “buy American” provisions of the IRA and BIL are driving massive investments in domestic mining and processing for EV battery raw materials. Now a similar gold rush appears to be gathering speed in the battery recycling field. The voluminous Inflation Reduction Act includes a… Read more »

Researchers claim their recycled cathodes aren’t as good as new—they’re better

A large-scale system for efficiently recycling batteries will be a critical part of the new clean energy ecosystem. However, battery manufacturers and automakers may well be concerned that recycled products may be lower in quality than those built from newly mined minerals. Now a team of researchers has developed a recycling method that involves refurbishing… Read more »