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Electrify Commercial to install 80 DC fast chargers with up to 350 kW at 20 sites in Utah

Electrify Commercial, the Electrify America business unit that provides EV charging solutions to businesses, plans to deploy 20 EV charging stations in Utah for local utility Rocky Mountain Power. The project will include more than 80 individual chargers at 15 stations in the Salt Lake City area and 5 stations in surrounding regions. Electrify Commercial… Read more »

Norway has another electrifying year in 2022—10 top-selling cars were all EVs

Norway is the undisputed global capital of e-mobility. Private cars, taxis, buses, ferries, airport ground equipment—they’re all plugging in. The trend of steady electrification continued last year. The market share of plug-in vehicles rose from 65 percent in 2021 to 80 percent in 2022. This represents an important step towards reaching the country’s goal climate goal… Read more »

Electrifying Auxiliaries: Innovative Solutions For Multiple Auxiliaries In Commercial Vehicles

Commercial electric and hybrid vehicles can have several low power auxiliary loads which would need to be electrified when decoupled from an ICE. Such auxiliaries include pumps for power steering or body hydraulics, air compressors for braking and suspension or HVAC, and direct-drive or geared motors for other fully-electrified body machinery. In this session, we’ll… Read more »

Q&A with CharIN North America President: It’s all about interoperability

Interoperability—the ability of products from different manufacturers to work together—is one of the most fundamental enablers of our technological society. From low-tech tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches to digital constructs like computer operating systems, interoperability is critical, and the lack of it is often a roadblock to the adoption of new technologies. As EVs… Read more »

Electrifying Auxiliaries: Use Case Examples for Commercial Vehicles and Off-highway Machinery

Electrifying auxiliaries decoupled from combustion engines play a particularly important role in the path towards electrifying commercial vehicles and mobile machinery. These auxiliaries control crucial functions such as power steering and braking, and power the body equipment performing work, such as hydraulic systems or power-take-off equipment. In this session, we’ll examine some use case examples… Read more »

Enel X collaborates with Biogen to electrify employee vehicle fleet

Charging management specialist Enel X is working with Biogen (Nasdaq: BIIB) to electrify the biotechnology company’s employee vehicle fleet. Biogen has committed to convert its global fleet of over 1,000 vehicles to EVs by 2025. Biogen will provide employees with Enel X JuiceBox smart home charging stations, enabling employees to charge company EVs at home,… Read more »

Lincoln plans to electrify entire lineup by 2030

To celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, Ford’s luxury brand Lincoln will debut its first global fully electric vehicle, the first step in a plan to electrify its entire portfolio of vehicles by 2030. Lincoln expects half its global volume to be zero-emissions vehicles by 2025. Ford has announced investment of $30 billion in electrification… Read more »

Electrify Home’s new HomeStation Level 2 charger

Electrify Home, the home charging division of Electrify America, has released its fastest Level 2 home charger to date. The new HomeStation offers 9.6 kW of power at 40 amps, and can be installed in a 40- 32- or 16-amp configuration. Choosing the appropriate amperage may help to avoid an expensive upgrade to a home’s… Read more »

Electrifying Auxiliaries: Overview Of KEB T6 Auxiliary Inverter System For Commercial EV Applications

When electrifying commercial vehicles there are several auxiliaries that would have otherwise been driven by the combustion engine which also need to be electrified. These auxiliaries include pumps, compressors and fans for both chassis and body equipment. Electrifying these multiple auxiliaries can present many challenges in cabling, plumbing, physical packaging, noise and EMI mitigation, and… Read more »