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To catch up on electric buses, Europe’s transit firms are working with China

When it comes to the EV race, China hasn’t just lapped the US and Europe—they’re running circles around us. No segment illustrates this embarrassment better than the electric bus market. As Michael Barnard reports in a recent CleanTechnica article, China currently has around 600,000 battery-electric buses operating in its cities. The US (which has 24%… Read more »

Volvo to acquire Proterra’s battery business

Proterra’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection was a shock to the EV industry, but the blow was softened by the company’s assurance that it would either recapitalize its businesses or sell them off. Now the first step in that process appears to have taken place—the Volvo Group has been selected as the winning bidder… Read more »

The lowly refuse truck offers the perfect use case for electrification

Q&A with Mack Trucks’ Scott Barraclough Most followers of tech trends probably think of electric vehicles as luxury performance cars, but here at Charged, we get just as excited about commercial vehicles. As regular readers know, the electrification of trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles is quickly picking up, driven by both regulation and technological developments…. Read more »

An inside look at how utilities view EVs: expanding electricity sales without adding new customers

Q&A with the Orlando Utilities Commission’s Peter Westlake. Anyone who would deploy any kind of large-scale EV charging project needs to work closely (and early) with their local electrical utility. This can be a complex undertaking, especially for companies that work in different regions, as there are around 1,600 utilities in the US, subject to… Read more »

As the off-road vehicle market rushes to electrify, standards are lagging behind

Q&A with Littelfuse’s Geoffrey Schwartz Construction vehicles are being electrified at a surprisingly rapid pace, as operators recognize not only the cost savings, but the advantages of silent, emission-free operation. However, the high power requirements of these vehicles mean that vehicle designers face unique technical challenges, especially when it comes to circuit protection.  High-voltage DC… Read more »

Rideshare/charging provider Revel: CCS or NACS, EVs need bidirectional charging capabilities

Amid the giddy rush to adopt Tesla’s NACS charging system, a few voices in the wilderness can be heard crying, “But what about bidirectional charging?” Many see bidirectional charging, which enables V2G and related technologies, as a necessary part of the future EV ecosystem (California may soon mandate the capability for all new EVs). Vehicle-to-home, which… Read more »

REE Automotive adds P7-C Chassis Cab to its electric truck lineup

REE Automotive (Nasdaq: REE), a provider of EV platforms, today revealed P7-C, a Class 4 chassis cab offering a new cabin design built on REE’s P7 modular electric platform. The P7-C is designed to meet the requirements for the Inflation Reduction Act incentives, which are more stringent for EVs in Class 4 and above. It’s… Read more »

EV charge management isn’t just for fleet depots: Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO

Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO Tracy K. Price EV chargers aren’t the kind of hardware that’s typically installed by the customer—whether that customer is a homeowner who’s charging one EV, or a company with dozens of charging sites. An EV charger deployment generally requires the services of an installer (and larger projects sometimes involve… Read more »

Retailers fear Minnesota legislation would allow utilities to corner EV charging market

Should electric utilities be allowed to own EV charging stations? In a free-market economy, it’s generally considered unhealthy for companies that produce a product or service to also own the distribution channels—that’s why liquor companies don’t own bars (in the US), and airlines don’t own airports. For an example of the evils that can result… Read more »

Retailer Meijer demonstrates Freightliner electric Class 8 trucks in frigid Michigan winter

Meijer, a Michigan-based retailer with 499 stores in six Midwestern states, operates a fleet of 250 semitrucks. The company has deployed two Freightliner eCascadia electric semitrucks, and is tracking their performance in a cold-weather environment as part of a DOE-funded project. The two semis will operate out of the retailer’s Lansing Distribution Center, which is… Read more »