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Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive priced to compete with BMW i3

Mercedes-Benz has dribbled out a few more details about its eagerly-awaited B-Class Electric Drive, which is scheduled to arrive in eight US states this summer. The latest news: MSRP will be $41,450, almost exactly the same as that of the BMW i3. The Beemer, which went on sale in the US this month, appears to… Read more »

Update: BMW i3 with gas range extender ineligible for coveted California carpool sticker

Updated 1/10/14 10:00am EST to include response from BMW. BMW’s new i3 is available with an optional feature that’s the first of its kind – a small range-extending gas engine. However, financial publication The Street reported this week that there’s a drawback to opting for the REx – it makes the car ineligible for California’s… Read more »

BMW i3 bares it all in LA

As BMW prepares to bring its new i3 to market in 2014, expectations are running high. The upscale city car fills a vacant niche in the market, and it embodies all the advantages of a pure EV. Equally important, the company seems committed to making the i3 a success in the marketplace, rather than taking… Read more »

Mercedes exec: B Class EV beats BMW i3

Daimler R&D chief Thomas Weber talked EVs in an interview this week with Automotive News Europe’s German sister Automobilwoche. Weber believes the upcoming Mercedes B class Electric Drive will be a worthy competitor for the BMW i3: “In all the key criteria, this vehicle will be at least as competitive as our competitors’ models. With… Read more »

BMW i3: The launch of many firsts

When you’re writing about the dawn of a new industry, “firsts” and “milestones” come along so often that they may start to lose their novelty. However, the BMW i3, which was officially “launched” in July, and is scheduled to go on sale next year, boasts an impressive number of innovations that has the EV press… Read more »

Juicy details about the BMW i3

BMW has released a vast wealth of details about its upcoming i3 EV, and there’s plenty here for auto pundits to discuss before the official unveiling, which is scheduled for July 29. The i3 embodies several milestones – it’s the first EV to offer an optional range extender engine, it features a unique carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic… Read more »

New i3s traction control system to be used in all future BMW and MINI models

BMW introduced the i3s, a more powerful and sportier version of the i3, last fall. For the new model, BMW not only increased the output of the motor, but also developed an innovative traction control system adapted specifically to the instantaneous power delivery of the company’s eDrive powertrain. Now BMW has announced that it will… Read more »