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Mitsubishi to debut mid-size PHEV with four-wheel drive and vehicle-to-home capability

EV fans will find a lot of things to like about the Concept PX-MiEV II — the cryptic name isn’t one of them — one of 15 vehicles that Mitsubishi will be touting at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The PX is a plug-in hybrid SUV with a 4-wheel-drive powertrain, dual 60kW electric motors and… Read more »

Car ferries – the latest electric vehicles

What does a zippy two-seater sports car have in common with a plodding oceangoing car ferry? Both are moving into the new century under clean, high-tech electric power. A Scottish shipbuilder has announced plans for the world’s first PHEV ships. Operator CalMac Ferries will use the two roll-on-roll-off car ferries on short routes around Scotland’s… Read more »