A Cutting-Edge System-on-Chip Designed to Replace Traditional Automotive Microcontrollers

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  • David Fresneau, VP Marketing & Business Development, Silicon Mobility

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Oct 3, 2023, 8:45 am EDT

Silicon Mobility invented the Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU), a cutting-edge system-on-chip designed to replace traditional microcontrollers in the automotive sector. Over the past few years, Silicon Mobility has been diligently developing the 2nd generation of FPCUs, known as the OLEA® U FPCU series, now opening access to lead customers.

The OLEA U FPCU series has been built to address current and future needs in the automotive industry for real-time, safe and secure multi-control applications and functions grouping, including advanced control algorithms based on edge A.I. armed with protection against post-quantic cybersecurity threats.

During this webinar, we will go over the FPCU architecture and unveil the key new features of the OLEA U FPCU series:

• Advanced eXecution and Events Control (AxEC 2.0), a data processing and real-time control unit based on programmable hardware and configurable peripherals with multi-FLU clusters.
• Safety Integrity Level agent (SILant 2.0), dedicated to the FPCU and the system functional safety.
• Flexible Hardware Security Module (FHSM), a sub-system dedicated to cybersecurity combined with a hardware programmable cluster supporting yet unidentified threats.
• Multi-core CPU and virtualization, based on ARM Cortex-R52 clusters for multiple applications/functions executions into a single controller.

OLEA U is a scalable series of FPCUs that share a common software architecture which can be reused across different applications, saving time and money.

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