Simplify Your Early-Stage Thermal Simulation

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  • Alexander Fischer, Co-Founder, SimScale

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Oct 2, 2023, 10:15 am EDT

SimScale has reduced the entire analysis workflow from days and weeks to hours, enabling engineers to explore the full design space and reduce the need for costly physical prototyping and testing. Engineers globally are using SimScale at the early-stage to evaluate the thermal behavior in their products and calibrate digital twin models, which gives them the ability to disqualify poor design candidates earlier in the development process.

SimScale now comes with easy meshing for intricate CAD models enabling engineers to focus on analysis and design rather than cleaning CAD geometry. The Immersed Boundary Method (IBM) is based on a cartesian grid in which the geometry is immersed into, making the mesh resilient to geometrical details thus obviating the need for CAD simplification.

Salient features of this approach include:
• Very flexible mesh sizing from very coarse to very fine for all levels of CAD complexity
• Automatic defeaturing of small geometrical details
• Perfect hexahedral meshes
• Mesh refinements are physics-based instead of geometry-based.

In this session, we explore the simulation of broad physics in a web browser that is versatile for many use cases including electric vehicle batteries, heat exchangers, inverters and other common electronic devices. Specifically, we will show attendees the ease and automation of traditionally tedious simulation steps including:
• High quality meshing without prior CAD simplification
• Result quality control with automatic mesh independence studies
• Complexity reduction techniques including reduced order modeling (ROM) parameter extraction

Alexander Fischer, Co-founder and Product Manager at SimScale, will show attendees how to create an account in SimScale, collaborate with colleagues, share insights with customers and go from signup to simulation results in just a few minutes.

Now available to watch on-demand: Register for this webinar to watch a recording of the presentation and audience Q&A, and download the presentation slides.

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