How to Improve Battery Cell Quality

Presented by:

  • Manuel Hofmann, Chief Field Marketing Manager, Transportation Business Unit, NI

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Oct 4, 2023, 10:30 am EDT

As the demand for batteries in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems continues to grow, manufacturers face the challenge of producing high-quality battery cells at large scale while minimizing defects and maximizing throughput. To achieve this, it's crucial to implement effective testing and inspection techniques throughout the manufacturing process.

This session will discuss novel testing and inspection techniques for battery cells, including Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), Alternating Current Internal Resistance (ACIR), and the application of scientific machine learning. Our presenters, experts from NI (National Instruments), will share their experience and expertise, including collaborations with major cell manufacturers and research centers worldwide. Learn how NI is working with the Battery Innovation Center (BIC), an industry-leading hub for battery R&D, to implement these innovative test solutions to improve the EV cell production process.

Gain insight into the unique challenges of manufacturing battery cells, including chemical and structural defects that are difficult to detect. The presentation will address the importance of understanding when and where to insert these tests into the manufacturing process to maximize the probability of finding defects and making necessary corrections without compromising throughput. Finally, discover how to reduce costs, increase throughput, and eliminate the risks associated with defects that escape the manufacturing process with the role of data. Data can be powerful, but it is critical to collect the right data at the right time, rather than simply more data.

This session is intended for professionals in the battery cell manufacturing industry who want to improve yield, quality, and throughput by implementing effective testing and inspection techniques.

Key Take-aways:
• Identify key challenges and industry trends for battery cell production.
• Learn about cutting edge test and inspection techniques (EIS, ACIR, scientific machine learning).
• Get insights to optimize cell testing during production to improve yield, quality, and throughput.
• Hear about today’s industry use cases such as the Battery Innovation Center

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