CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine Issue 10 – October 2013

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The Tech

The new A123 looks a lot like the old A123: Q&A with Jeff Kessen

Leyden Energy’s Li-imide electrolyte and the rise of start-stop vehicles

oneDRIVE of a kind: KLD Energy’s new propulsion system

Web of Power: Spider9′s Operating System for Energy


The Vehicles

2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: Where will it fit into the market?

AMP Electric Vehicles: from car converter to truck OEM

EVs for share or rent?


The Infrastructure

Utility demand charges and electric vehicle supply equipment

EVSE: the low-hanging fruit of smart city buildout

Connecting the dots: EV charging hardware, software and services

The infrastructure behind the infrastructure: Bosch invests in EVSE