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Novel current collector is designed to stop battery thermal runaway

Researchers from Renmin and Tsinghua Universities in China have developed a novel shape-memory current collector (SMCC) that they say can stop battery thermal runaway in an overheated battery. Their paper, Early Braking of Overwarmed Lithium-Ion Batteries by Shape-Memorized Current Collectors, is published in the ACS journal Nano Letters. Unlike traditional current collectors made of copper… Read more »

China proposes “game-changing” goals for EV charging infrastructure

The Chinese government has proposed an ambitious plan to improve the country’s EV charging infrastructure. The new strategy, announced in September by the State Council, envisions a charging infrastructure capable of supporting up to 5 million EVs by 2020. Market analysis firm CCM estimates that the program, which calls for 12,000 public charging stations and 4.5… Read more »