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Göteborg Energi conducts V2G projects with Volvo Cars, Polestar and others

Göteborg Energi, the municipally-owned power company of the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, is collaborating with several entities to explore the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) potential of EVs.  The company is working with Volvo Cars to investigate bidirectional charging for home use, and how homeowners can contribute power to the local grid from their EV batteries. In early… Read more »

Volvo orders two Tesla-style Giga Presses for Slovakia EV plant

Tesla pioneered megacasting, a technique that uses giant casting machines to make car bodies with just a few massive cast parts (a Matchbox car is said to have provided the inspiration), and other automakers quickly took notice. In 2021, the LK Group reported that it would supply giant casting presses to several Chinese companies. In… Read more »

Volvo to acquire Proterra’s battery business

Proterra’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection was a shock to the EV industry, but the blow was softened by the company’s assurance that it would either recapitalize its businesses or sell them off. Now the first step in that process appears to have taken place—the Volvo Group has been selected as the winning bidder… Read more »

Volvo to produce its last diesel car in 2024

Volvo Cars has announced an end to the production of diesel-powered models by early 2024. In November 2022, Volvo sold its stake in Aurobay—a joint venture company that represented the last of its combustion engine assets—and ceased to invest in ICE research and development. The automaker has said its lineup will be fully electric by… Read more »

No complaints at Volvo—EV sales soar in October

The legacy automakers had a truly scary October. Ford and GM, both of which had seemed to be manfully slogging forward with electrification, have scaled back their EV plans, moaning that they can’t make a profit on EVs. (It’s not just American companies—VW and Mercedes are wavering too.) Their can’t-do jeremiads are aimed at politicians,… Read more »

Volvo VNR Electric Trucks debut in Coke Canada’s Red Fleet

In September, Coke Canada Bottling launched a pilot program by introducing six Volvo VNR Electric trucks to its Red Fleet of 850 heavy-duty trucks that service customer delivery routes in the Greater Montreal area. According to Volvo, its VNR Electric trucks have a six-battery configuration with a capacity of 565 kWh and a range of… Read more »

Volvo Cars and Northvolt break ground on Gothenburg battery gigafactory

Novo Energy, a joint venture of Volvo Cars and Northvolt, has begun construction of a Li-on battery gigafactory in Gothenburg, Sweden, near Volvo’s existing Torslanda factory. Once complete, the battery plant will have over 3,000 employees, and a potential annual cell production capacity of up to 50 GWh—enough for around half a million EVs. The… Read more »

Volvo Trucks introduces Turnkey Solutions fleet-management program in North America

Volvo Trucks, along with partners InCharge Energy, a developer of commercial EV charging systems, and Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a supplier of retail and fueling products, has launched its Turnkey Solutions process. This is designed to help fleet customers procure EV charging infrastructure products and services, plan installation, take advantage of incentives, and interface with utility companies…. Read more »

Danfoss’s Volvo electric truck operates on a 24-hour shift

Volvo recently delivered 3 heavy-duty line haul electric trucks to Danish industrial multinational Danfoss. The new e-trucks will operate on fixed routes between Danfoss sites in Denmark, and one of them will operate 24 hours a day without significant charging downtime. Customized chargers from Danish company GodEnergi will be used to rapidly charge the truck’s… Read more »

Turner Construction pilots Volvo EC230 Electric excavator

One of the world’s largest construction companies is now testing one of the world’s largest EVs. Turner Construction Company is conducting a pilot of Volvo Construction Equipment’s 23-ton EC230 Electric excavator. Turner is using the e-excavator on a light manufacturing reconfiguration project for Applied Materials in Silicon Valley. The enormous EV will be used for… Read more »