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Nissan builds pilot solid-state battery plant in Japan

Japanese automaker Nissan is building an all-solid-state battery pilot line at its Yokohama Plant in Kanagawa Prefecture, as part of its plan to promote the development and manufacturing of solid-state technologies. Nissan aims to launch EVs, including pickup trucks, equipped with the batteries by fiscal year 2028 under its Nissan Ambition 2030 plan. The company… Read more »

ION Storage Systems commissions solid-state battery pilot line

US-based solid-state battery manufacturer ION Storage Systems has commissioned a pilot production line adjacent to its headquarters in Maryland. The facility is expected to start manufacturing 1 MWh of battery cells this year, increasing to 10 MWh by early 2025. The company has a longer-term goal of reaching 500 MWh of capacity by 2028. ION’s… Read more »

LG Chem partners with Factorial to develop solid-state EV batteries

US-based solid-state battery technology developer Factorial Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding with South Korean battery materials developer LG Chem to develop solid-state battery materials for EVs. The agreement aims to combine LG Chem’s battery material capabilities with Factorial’s next-generation battery material and process innovations to accelerate the development of solid-state batteries. The two… Read more »

Nissan to use solid-state batteries, gigacasting in its next-gen EVs

Nissan, Japan’s third-biggest automaker by volume, plans to begin producing solid-state batteries for EVs at scale by early 2029, and will also use Tesla-style gigacasting machines in order to increase efficiency and drive down costs on its future EV models. Solid-state batteries are expected to deliver faster charging and longer lifespans than current Li-ion designs…. Read more »

Samsung SDI announces plan to mass-produce solid-state batteries 

EV battery manufacturing company Samsung SDI has announced a suite of battery technologies, including fast charging and ultra-long life batteries, as well as its roadmap for mass production of all-solid-state batteries (ASBs). Samsung SDI plans to mass-produce 900 Wh/L solid-state batteries using its solid electrolyte and anode-less technologies, the latter of which enables higher cathode… Read more »

Penn State team uses cold sintering to reprocess solid-state composite electrolytes

A team at Penn State has reported using cold sintering to reprocess solid-state composite electrolytes. According to research published in an open-access paper in the journal ChemSusChem, the technique was used to reprocess Mg- and Sr-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 with polypropylene carbonate (PPC) and lithium perchlorate (LLZO–PPC–LiClO4).  The low sintering temperature allows co-sintering of ceramics, polymers, and… Read more »

ION Storage Systems achieves milestone with its anodeless solid-state battery

ION Storage Systems, a Maryland-based manufacturer of solid-state batteries, has announced that its anodeless and compressionless SSB achieved a key threshold with its first market deployment with the US military. ION says its SSB successfully exceeded 125 cycles with less than 5% capacity degradation in performance, offering the potential for more than 1,000 cycles in… Read more »

QuantumScape introduces a new cell format for solid-state EV batteries

QuantumScape, a US battery company, has introduced a new cell format, FlexFrame, for solid-state EV batteries. FlexFrame combines pouch and prismatic cells. The FlexFrame architecture has a frame that wraps around the cell stack and a flexible polymer laminate outer layer like pouch cells. The cell is anode-free and the cell stack is contracted, with… Read more »

Amperesand’s solid-state transformers could help break electric grid bottlenecks

Here’s a story we hear often: a CPO or fleet operator wants to deploy a large-scale EV charging facility, but the project is delayed for months or years because the local utility is waiting for the necessary transformers to be delivered. (Two out of two subjects of infrastructure articles in our current print issue—XCharge’s Alex… Read more »

Saint-Gobain invests in solid-state battery firm ION Storage Systems 

NOVA, the partnership and venture capital branch of building materials company Saint-Gobain, has invested in solid-state lithium metal battery company ION Storage Systems to expand their battery technology collaboration. The companies are working to establish US manufacturing of ceramic material for large-scale solid-state battery electrolyte manufacturing. In September, ION announced a multi-year supply arrangement with… Read more »