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Rimac and EVE Energy collaborate to produce battery cells in Europe

Rimac Technology, a business unit of EV-maker Rimac that provides technology solutions to global OEMs, has partnered with EVE Energy, a manufacturer of lithium batteries, to manufacture battery cells in Europe starting in 2027. EVE will focus on cell manufacturing, and Rimac Technology will focus on the development and high-volume production of a battery module… Read more »

Rimac Nevera takes title of world’s fastest production EV

Croatia is not exactly known as a center of the auto industry, but Rimac Automobili (which Charged has been covering since 2013) has achieved some impressive things. In 2021, the Rimac Nevera (which is named for an unexpected Mediterranean summer storm) did a quarter-mile in 8.582 seconds to set a record as the world’s fastest-accelerating… Read more »

Exploring The Latest Rimac Battery Platform

This session will include discussions with Dr Wasim Sarwar, Head of Research & Advanced Engineering at Rimac Technology, covering: – Exploring Rimac’s latest battery platform, its capabilities and the technologies involved – Sharing key developments on the deployment of software as well as the new methods and techniques employed to maximise results – Delving deeper… Read more »

Rimac Group spins off Rimac Technology as standalone business

The Rimac Group has spun off Rimac Technology as a wholly-owned independent company. Sister company Bugatti Rimac (previously Rimac Automobili) is jointly owned by the Rimac Group, which has a 55% stake, and Porsche, which owns the remaining 45%. Bugatti Rimac will continue to focus on building “hypercars,” while Rimac Technology will provide components to… Read more »

Rimac and Bugatti officially tie the knot

It’s an interesting pairing—an iconic luxury and racing brand that was founded in 1909, and an EV startup that was founded in a garage and invented the Croatian auto industry in 2009. Rimac Automobili has officially combined with Bugatti Automobiles to form a new company called Bugatti Rimac. The two will continue to operate as… Read more »

Former Tesla VP Chris Porritt joins Rimac Automobili as CTO

Croatian supercar builder Rimac Automobili has appointed Chris Porritt to the role of Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Porritt has spent over three decades in the automotive industry—previous positions include Chief Engineer at Aston Martin, VP of Engineering at Tesla, and lead at Apple’s Special Projects Group. He has overseen the development of several bespoke performance… Read more »

Hyundai Motor Group will invest $85.6 million in Rimac

Hyundai Motor Group announced it will partner with Croatian car manufacturer Rimac to develop a prototype of an electrified Hyundai N-brand concept car and high-performance EV. The partnership will entail a combined $85.6 million investment from Hyundai and Kia. Euisun Chung, Hyundai Executive Vice Chairman, said, “Rimac is an innovative company with outstanding capabilities in… Read more »

Porsche takes a 10% stake in Croatian EV startup Rimac

Porsche has invested in the Croatian EV startup Rimac Automobili, taking a minority stake of ten percent. As part of its electrification efforts, Porsche is seeking a development partnership with the young company. Rimac was literally born in a garage in 2009, and showed its Concept_One electric supercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011…. Read more »

Rimac Automobili invents the Croatian auto industry

Detroit is gradually losing its position as the epicenter of the auto industry. Nowadays, news of cutting-edge developments is more likely to come from Silicon Valley, Europe or China. The Eastern European nation of Croatia is pretty far from the centers of automotive power, but it’s here that a highly innovative firm called Rimac Automobili… Read more »