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Voltpost launches lamppost EV charger in US

US-based lamppost EV charging company Voltpost has launched its curbside EV charger. The company retrofits lampposts into a modular and upgradable Level 2 EV charging platform powered by a mobile app to provide convenient and affordable charging while reducing the cost and time of installation, maintenance and footprint of chargers. Voltpost is developing EV charging… Read more »

Study: Lamppost chargers are the lowest-carbon solution for on-street charging

Back in 2017, when we first heard about a company that was installing public EV chargers in streetside lampposts, we thought it sounded like a good idea for several reasons—no additional street clutter, no need to run new electrical service. Today, several companies are competing in the space, and pilots are up and running in… Read more »

Spanish city of Valencia pilots public chargers in lampposts

Cities in Europe and elsewhere are being forced to come up with some innovative public charging solutions. Faced with the task of providing charging to residents who do not have assigned parking spaces, they need chargers that can be installed in large numbers throughout city centers, without consuming valuable space on already-crowded streets and sidewalks…. Read more »

Is curbside charging the solution for the Plight of the Drivewayless?

The Plight of the Drivewayless—those poor souls who live in urban locales where they can’t charge their EVs at home—has emerged as a major drag on the speed of EV adoption. Solutions from the clever to the silly have been proposed, but if we look at dense cities where adoption is already well advanced, we’re… Read more »

ubitricity to provide public EV charge points in London borough of Bexley

London- and Berlin-based EV charge point operator ubitricity, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shell Group, has been selected by Bexley Borough Council to supply and maintain a hundred 5 kW public charge points to be installed in existing on-street lamp posts and bollards. The charge points take as little as two hours each to… Read more »

Letter from London: Red buses, black cabs and private cars are going electric

Traveling in Europe (and nearby countries) these days is in some ways like traveling to the future. London has been an electrification leader for some years, and the streetscape this summer looks even more electric than it did on my last visit 4 years ago. I saw no evidence of the “hollowing out” of downtown… Read more »

Voltpost closes seed funding round for curbside EV charging platform

Installing public EV chargers in lampposts is an elegant solution to the problem of urban drivers who can’t install home charging—it minimizes sidewalk clutter and leverages existing electrical service. Voltpost, founded in 2021, is one of several companies targeting this market. The company recently successfully closed a seed funding round led by RWE Energy Transition… Read more »

New York City chooses three hardware vendors for curbside charging pilot

New York City has launched a pilot to demonstrate how access to charging could be improved for the 50% of residents that park their cars on-street. London authorities have been exploring innovative solutions to the same problem for a couple of years now, so it’s not surprising that two of the vendors New York chose… Read more »

Kansas City pilot project installs streetlight-mounted chargers

Chargers mounted on streetlight or power poles could be a viable way to provide charging for urban dwellers who lack assigned parking spaces. Many cities have replaced their old-fashioned incandescent streetlights with LED lights, which use far less energy. This means that many circuits serving lampposts have extra energy capacity, which could be used to… Read more » secures contract to install London lamp post charging stations

Suburban dwellers can easily install EV chargers in their garages or driveways, but for millions of apartment-dwellers who rely on street parking, the problem of charging is a major obstacle to buying an EV. In London, 78% of households have no private parking spaces. A startup called has a possible solution: installing chargers in… Read more »