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EvoCharge expands its offerings with addition of DC fast chargers

EV charger supplier EvoCharge has partnered with Finland-based EV charger manufacturer Kempower to introduce a line of DC fast charging systems for servicing automotive as well as medium- and heavy-duty and commercial applications in North America. “It is estimated that 80% of automotive charging will occur at home using Level 2 AC chargers,” said EvoCharge… Read more »

EvoCharge introduces new EV charging network for businesses

EvoCharge has announced a May launch of its fully connected EvoCharge Network software for managing EvoCharge charging stations. Capabilities include payment processing, access controls, monitoring and reporting.  The company offers three subscription tiers without long-term contracts, suited to a range of commercial needs, including those of fleets, hotels, multiunit housing complexes and workplaces. “EvoCharge OCPP-compliant… Read more »

EvoCharge releases new 80 A Max EV charger

EvoCharge has introduced its Level 2 EvoCharge Max EV Charging Station, which the company says delivers up to 19.2 kW of power, or 80 amps on a 240 V circuit, and is designed for higher-amperage-acceptance fleet vehicles like buses and light-duty trucks. Features include OCPP 1.6J compliance; ISO 15118 readiness for future plug-and-charge capability; NEMA… Read more »

EvoCharge introduces mobile DC fast charging station

Minneapolis-based EVSE provider EvoCharge has launched a new mobile DC fast charging station, which delivers up to 50 kW of power. The charger is available in two versions: a 500 V model, designed for EVs with 400 V battery architectures; and an 800 V model for medium- to heavy-duty vehicles that use 800 V architectures…. Read more »

EvoCharge launches new line of 40-amp charging stations

EvoCharge, a manufacturer of EVSE and cable management solutions, has launched a new line of 40-amp charging stations. The new models deliver higher power output than the company’s existing 32-amp chargers—EvoCharge says they can add up to 30 miles of range per hour of charging. The new models are equipped with Ethernet ports, which can… Read more »

EvoCharge’s new concealed pedestals for EV charging stations

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has launched a new addition to its family of accessories for charging station mounting and cable management. The EvoCharge Concealed Pedestal can be used for mounting EV chargers in public spaces, parking areas and other locations. A concealed raceway keeps wiring safely enclosed within the pedestal…. Read more »

EvoCharge chargers to incorporate AmpUp’s charging management software

EvoCharge, a supplier of EVSE and cable management solutions, has formed a preferred network partnership with software provider AmpUp. AmpUp’s software is designed to allow EV owners to manage their charging infrastructure to simplify charging schedules and optimize energy consumption. AmpUp’s products are used by several Fortune 500 companies. EvoCharge and AmpUp’s preconfigured charging stations… Read more »

EvoCharge to sell its EV chargers through Uni-Select Canada

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has entered into a resale agreement with Uni-Select Canada to sell its Level 2 charging equipment. Uni-Select distributes products to over 16,000 automotive repair shops, 1,000 independent customer locations and 80 company-operated stores. “We have a long-standing relationship with Uni-Select, and extending it to include EvoCharge… Read more »

JB Tools to sell EvoCharge EV chargers

EvoCharge, a provider of EVSE and cable management solutions, has entered into an agreement with online tool retailer JB Tools to provide Level 2 residential and commercial EV charging equipment through JB’s online store. JB Tools carries the full suite of EvoCharge electric vehicle charging solutions, including single- and dual-port chargers, wall-mount and pedestal chargers,… Read more »

EvoCharge’s New iEVSE Home Charging Station

Charger manufacturer EvoCharge’s new iEVSE Home Charging Station is a Level 2 charger that features various smart charging capabilities. Users can schedule charge times, track history and usage, and manage multiple charging stations through the EvoCharge iEVSE Home Charging app (Android and iOS). The iEVSE Home Charging Station features a compact design that is “smaller… Read more »