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USPS’s pilot of Canoo electric vans could signal opportunity for other commercial EV makers

EV startup Canoo seemed to have fallen off the media radar, until a recent volume order for its electric vans brought it back to the headlines. Now the company has announced another high-profile deal, this time with the United States Postal Service (USPS), which, after a decade or two of deliberation, finally appears to be… Read more »

Canoo begins volume deliveries of its electric commercial van

We’ve seen a number of EV startups that delivered a lot of hype, but few if any vehicles. For a while, we were tempted to place Canoo in that category, but now the company has begun deliveries of its electric LDV130 commercial van, as part of a large order from Kingbee, a national provider of… Read more »

Canoo delivers its new LTV to US Army for testing

EV startup Canoo has delivered its new Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) to the US Army for analysis and demonstration. Canoo says the electric LTV is engineered for extreme environments and includes stealth configurations. It incorporates carbon Kevlar for strength without added weight and is designed for passenger ergonomics and battery safety. Canoo’s LTV has a… Read more »

Canoo to build EV battery module manufacturing facility in Oklahoma

Canoo plans to build a battery module manufacturing facility at MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor, Oklahoma. Once built, the facility will be capable of producing approximately 3,200 MWh worth of battery modules per year. Canoo selected the location due to its proximity to a facility owned by battery cell partner Panasonic, and to Canoo’s future… Read more »

Walmart to buy 4,500 Canoo electric delivery vehicles

Walmart has become the latest large fleet operator to make a vote of confidence in a startup EV-maker—the giant retailer has made a definitive agreement with Canoo (NASDAQ: GOEV) to purchase 4,500 electric delivery vehicles, beginning with the Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV), with the option to purchase up to 10,000 units. Advanced deliveries, which will… Read more »

Startup Canoo (formerly EVELOZCITY) to build subscription-only EVs

EVELOZCITY, a Los Angeles company working on EVs available only via subscription, has announced that it has changed its name to Canoo. Canoo hopes to offer four EVs in select cities by subscription only. In an effort to reduce design and production costs, it plans to use a single standardized EV platform. The company also… Read more »