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Aqua Metals and 6K Energy collaborate to establish sustainable US battery supply chain

Aqua Metals has developed a process for recycling lithium-ion batteries that it says is much cleaner, more efficient and more cost-effective than current methods (see our recent in-depth interview with company execs). Now Aqua has signed a strategic supply agreement with battery materials supplier 6K Energy to establish a more sustainable supply chain for battery… Read more »

Aqua Metals is building a more sustainable battery recycling ecosystem

Q&A with Aqua Metals execs Steve Cotton and David Regan Regardless of the claims made in Facebook memes, Li-ion batteries are eminently recyclable, and current recycling methods cause far less environmental damage than the well-documented depredations of the petroleum industry. However, as sustainability is central to the mission of the EV industry, we need to… Read more »

6K Energy and Aqua Metals partner to build circular supply chain for critical battery minerals in the US

Aqua Metals has developed a novel battery recycling process. 6K Energy produces sustainable materials for lithium-ion batteries. That sounds like a natural match, and in fact the two firms recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create a sustainable circular supply chain in the US for critical battery minerals. The partners’ plan outlines a… Read more »

Dragonfly Energy manufactures lithium battery cell using high-purity recycled materials from Aqua Metals

Dragonfly Energy, maker of Battle Born Batteries, in collaboration with battery recycling pioneer Aqua Metals, has reported a significant advance in its quest for sustainable lithium-ion battery production. Dragonfly successfully used high-purity lithium hydroxide recovered by Aqua Metals from recycled lithium-ion batteries to manufacture a standard CR2032 battery cell using Dragonfly’s patented dry battery electrode… Read more »

Aqua Metals and Yulho to establish EV battery recycling operations in South Korea

EV battery recycler Aqua Metals has entered into a strategic partnership with South Korean battery materials company Yulho. Yulho will make a strategic equity investment of $5 million in Aqua Metals, and Aqua will grant Yulho a license to deploy its patented AquaRefining technology in South Korea. Yulho has been around for 25 years, and… Read more »

Aqua Metals recovers high-purity nickel from battery black mass

Battery recycling innovator Aqua Metals says it has successfully recovered high-purity nickel from lithium battery black mass, using its proprietary Li AquaRefining process. Aqua also recently announced the recovery of high-purity lithium hydroxide and copper from black mass at its pilot facility located in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Aqua’s Li AquaRefining technology recovers nickel and… Read more »

Aqua Metals produces high-purity lithium hydroxide directly from recycled Li-ion batteries

Battery recycler Aqua Metals has demonstrated the recovery of high-purity lithium hydroxide from lithium-ion battery black mass at the company’s Li AquaRefining recycling facility in Nevada. “The production and availability of the first recycled lithium hydroxide at scale will help close the supply chain loop for critical battery metals in America, paving the way for… Read more »

Aqua Metals begins pilot of AquaRefining battery recycling system

Nevada-based Aqua Metals has begun operating a pilot battery recycling facility at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Feedstock has been introduced into the automated system, enabling recovery of valuable critical minerals from spent lithium-ion batteries. The company’s Li AquaRefining technology is “a low-emission, closed-loop recycling solution capable of recovering all valuable metals, including high-purity lithium, manganese,… Read more »

Projected EV battery recycling capacity outstrips expected supply

Afraid there won’t be enough recycling plants to recycle EV batteries when they start reaching end of life in large numbers? Well, the opposite might turn out to be the case. Encouraged by generous government incentives, companies have been investing heavily in battery plants. According to new research from technology intelligence firm ABI Research, companies… Read more »