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ADS-TEC Energy announces growing order volume for its EV charging stations

Ireland-headquartered battery storage technology company ADS-TEC Energy has received more than 100 million euros in new orders, from both existing and new customers, for delivery of its fast-charging systems in 2023 and 2024. New customers include Dutch charging point operator PowerGo, which has ordered 20 ChargeBox systems. These will be installed in Spain and the… Read more »

ADS-TEC Energy and eliso to install over 1,000 charging points in Germany by 2025

ADS-TEC Energy, a manufacturer of battery storage-based platform solutions, has partnered with charging solutions provider eliso to install ChargeBox and ChargePost DC fast charging systems in the public car parks of specialist electrical stores in Germany. ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered fast charging solutions can temporarily store electricity from a local photovoltaic system in order to provide… Read more »

Smart City Capital to deploy 200 ADS-TEC Energy DC fast chargers in Florida

EVSE manufacturer ADS-TEC Energy (NASDAQ: ADSE) has announced that Smart City Capital will be deploying more than 200 ADS-TEC Energy ultra-high-speed ChargeBox charging stations throughout Florida. This $30-million order is ADS-TEC’s second from Smart City, and the single largest order of ChargeBox units to date in the US. Smart City also plans a third phase… Read more »

CPOs are implementing ADS-TEC Energy’s battery-buffered EV fast charging systems

ADS-TEC Energy provides battery-buffered ultra-fast charging systems, and the company says that customers are successfully implementing its systems in a wide range of use cases. ADS-TEC’s solutions are designed to enable charge point operators to deploy DC fast charging without requiring electrical service upgrades. “The fact that our products can show their full strength in… Read more »

JOLT rolls out ADS-TEC’s battery-buffered fast chargers in city centers

ADS-TEC Energy, an international manufacturer of battery storage-based solutions, and Munich-based charge point operator JOLT Energy will collaborate to deploy fast EV charging stations in major cities in Europe and the US. JOLT has already ordered “a high double-digit number of systems” for 2023, and more orders are expected. ADS-TEC’s battery-buffered charging solutions are designed… Read more »

ADS-TEC unveils its new ChargePost battery-based charging system

ADS-TEC Energy, a manufacturer of battery-buffered energy systems, has unveiled a new battery-based charging system. The new ChargePost is equipped with two DC fast charging points and two optional 75-inch monitors that can be used for advertising space. It’s aimed at gas stations, car dealerships, fleet operators, offices and commercial buildings. ChargePost enables up to… Read more »

ADS-TEC’s ChargeBox Dispensers can provide battery-buffered EV charging in indoor locations

ADS-TEC Energy has announced two new installation options for its battery-buffered ChargeBox system. The ChargeBox Dispenser can now be installed indoors, and the associated ChargeBox Booster outdoor battery—which was previously installed partly underground—can now be completely installed at ground level. The new installation options are available now in Germany, and are planned for other European… Read more »

Battery-integrated chargers offer a cure for America’s weak electric infrastructure

Q&A with Alex Urist, Vice President of XCharge North America Battery storage, once considered a nifty additional feature for large-scale charging infrastructure projects, is steadily becoming de rigueur for public and commercial charging deployments of all sizes. Adding batteries to the system offers several benefits: coupled with on-site generation, it allows charging to be offered… Read more »