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Loop Energy to provide fuel cell range extenders for Rheintal electric trucks

Loop Energy and Rheintal-Transporte have announced an agreement for the development and supply of heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell range extension solutions for electric trucks in Europe. As a part of the agreement, Rheintal will use Loop’s eFlow fuel cell modules to expand the range of electric trucks. Rheintal anticipates orders of eFlow fuel cell modules… Read more »

Loop Energy to provide fuel cell range extenders for transit buses in Nanjing, China

Loop Energy, a provider of hydrogen fuel cell solutions for the medium-to-heavy-duty vehicle market, has received an order from a bus manufacturer in China for multiple range extenders. Loop says the order represents the start of a long-term commercial agreement with a total estimated value of $15 million over a three-year period. Loop works with… Read more »

Loop Energy introduces fuel cell range extender for heavy-duty EVs

Loop Energy has introduced a new fuel cell-based range extender for heavy-duty electric transport vehicles. Following a three-year development period, the Loop power module is now being integrated by an OEM, and will begin operation in 2017. Loop’s eFlow fuel cell is designed to optimize air flow inside the fuel cell, producing greater power density… Read more »

Loop Energy wins $7.5 million grant for battery/fuel cell truck powertrains

Loop Energy (formerly PowerDisc Development) has won a $7.5-million grant from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to accelerate deployment of the company’s zero-emission powertrain for heavy-duty trucks. The Loop powertrain combines an electric battery with a hydrogen fuel cell designed around its patented eFlow technology. eFlow addresses unequal current distribution in the fuel cell by… Read more »

Japanese automakers doggedly forge ahead with fuel cells

The debate over fuel cells rages on. Many in the EV industry, most prominently Elon Musk, have explained at eloquent length why hydrogen fuel cells are inferior to batteries for automotive applications. Others however, especially in Japan, do not agree. The main proponent is Toyota, which has been selling the Mirai fuel cell vehicle since… Read more »