Who Reads CHARGED?


Essentially, everybody interested in the EV industry. The three departments of CHARGED (The Vehicles, The Tech, & The Infrastructure) cover a variety of topics in great detail. From in-depth engineering discussions about electrified systems, to charging trends, EVSE installation advice, and new vehicle spotlights.

CHARGED has a highly-engaged readership of engineers, executives, fleet managers, and many different prospective buyers of components, systems, EVSE, and new vehicles.

Here is a small sample of some recent unsolicited accolades from CHARGED readers: 

“CHARGED is a great resource, because I don’t have the ability to travel to all of the different trade shows. It’s a great way to stay up to date on the EV industry.” 
Margaret S Larson, Transportation Energy Specialist, Hawaii State Energy Office


“…I love your magazine. Even though I am fully immersed in the EV industry and am at the forefront of everything, I always find myself learning new and interesting things from your articles…”
Bret O’Neal – Account Executive, ChargePoint


“I find CHARGED to be an excellent trade journal – one of the better ones among the dozens of trade journals that I follow. Each issue seems to have insightful editorials, relevant industry information about companies operating in the hybrid and electric vehicles space, interviews, etc.”
Sandeep Sovani, Ph.D. – Global Automotive Strategy – ANSYS


“CHARGED is one of the best things that has happened to the EV industry. Each issue is impeccable and makes even the most advanced technology accessible to a wide audience.”
Ian Stonington, Director – Business Development & Marketing, KLD Energy Technologies


“[The CHARGED article ‘A Closer Look at Switched Reluctance Motors’] is clearest explanation of SR motors that I have seen in terms of basic function and pro’s and cons.”
Ben Treichel, Sr Engineering Specialist – Hybrid Systems, Caterpillar Inc.


“The very worthy CHARGED Magazine…It’s a seriously good read…”
Jim Motavalli – Writer for The New York Times, NPR’s Car Talk, AOL, Mother Nature Network and Autoweek


“The best information on electrics I have ever found…Excellent detailed articles with information I can’t find anyplace else…The [recent BMW] i3 specs and Tesla battery data is great. Our Electric Vehicle Association chapter in Phoenix share stories from it every month. Nice work.”
Jim Stack – President, Phoenix Elec Auto Association


“Thanks for the magazine…I enjoyed the last one and have passed it around the office.”
Douglas A. Grant – MSc Product Development, Design Engineer Tata Technologies,  EVA: Engineering Electric Vehicles 4 America


“I am very impressed with CHARGED Magazine. Useful insight, great layout, timely topics, just a great read.”
Gary Gustafson – G-Force Consulting Inc.


“Just read CHARGED for the first time, impressed. Well done.”
Matt Boyle – President and CEO, Sevcon Inc.


CHARGED is read cover-to-cover and old issues are kept on file. We receive many requests for hard copies of back issues from new subscribers:

“I’ve only been a subscriber for a little while now and I recently came the conclusion that I want to start collecting your issues. Would it be too much to ask you to send me issues #1-9? (my #9 issue got bent) I picture myself looking back 10 or 15 years from now and reminiscing about the “early days” of EVs!”

Bret O’Neal – Account Executive, ChargePoint


“I dropped my cherished June/July 2012 copy of your great mag into the drink from my sailboat. How can I get a second copy? Please advise.”
Don Y. –  Another Happy CHARGED Reader