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RideApart names 2014 Mission RS Bike of the Year

It wasn’t long ago that most people, if they were aware of electric vehicles at all, thought of them strictly as small, slow, flimsy things, perhaps suitable for short trips to the health food store. Who would have predicted that one of the first automotive niches to be conquered by electricity would be…high-performance motorcycles? Well,… Read more »

Around the EV world in 1,000 blog posts

This is my 1,000th blog post for Charged and, since I don’t care for Champagne, I’ll celebrate the occasion by writing myself a little pat on the back and a fond recap. Since I began in October 2011, I’ve written a couple of these every day, and I’ve covered a huge variety of topics, including:… Read more »

Can phase change material mitigate thermal runaway in Li-ion packs?

(This article originally appeared in Charged Issue 6 – JAN/FEB 2013) AllCell Technologies’ new phase change thermal management material If you have spent time at any of the EV industry trade shows, you’ve probably heard the term thermal runaway. It refers to a chain reaction in which an increase in temperature causes further increases in temperature and uncontrollable… Read more »