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Electrify America opens an amenity-rich indoor EV charging station in San Francisco

Electrify America, along with every other non-Tesla public charging network, has gotten a lot of negative press lately. Among the criticisms: sites need more chargers and more customer amenities. In 2022, Electrify America introduced The Charging Station of the Future, Today—an initiative to add next-generation chargers and various customer-focused services at “flagship” locations. Two of… Read more »

Electrify America expands customer charging agreement with Kia America

EV charging network Electrify America, which operates in 47 states and the District of Columbia, and California-headquartered Kia America, have agreed to provide 1,000 kWh of complimentary charging to first-time owners of the 2024 Kia EV9 SUV.  The offer is redeemable through the Electrify America app at any of the company’s charging stations for three… Read more »

EV charging is changing, Part 1: How automakers’ disappointment in Electrify America drove them into Tesla’s arms

Part 2: No, NACS is not today’s Tesla connector Part 3: Why Tesla’s NACS is unlikely to kill CCS Part 4: Behind the scenes as seven automakers counter Tesla’s Superchargers EV charging is changing, but much remains to be settled A flurry of news over less than a year permanently altered the US landscape for… Read more »

Electrify America begins generating renewable energy at Solar Glow 1

Back in January, Electrify America announced plans to build a huge solar photovoltaic project in California’s Mojave Desert that would generate more than enough energy to offset the energy delivered to the company’s EV charging customers. Now Electrify America has announced the start of commercial operation for the new 75 Megawatt (MW) Electrify America Solar… Read more »

Electrify America provides charging discounts to Lyft EV drivers

Charging network Electrify America and ride-hailing company Lyft have announced an extended collaboration to offer Lyft EV drivers discounted charging at the more than 800 Electrify America DC fast charging stations across the country. Using the Electrify America mobile app, Lyft Rewards drivers will receive a tiered discount as a loyalty benefit. Drivers can also… Read more »

Electrify America to add Tesla’s NACS connector to its EV charging stations by 2025

The writing is on the wall, and public charging networks are making plans to add Tesla’s NACS connector to its EV charging stations (or to add more). Electrify America/Electrify Canada, which operates some 850 stations with about 4,000 individual chargers, appears to be taking a more cautious approach than some. The company says it will… Read more »

Electrify America’s Solar Glow 1 project will power its entire charging network with solar energy

Charging network operator Electrify America has entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with developer Terra-Gen to build a solar photovoltaic project in California’s Mojave Desert. The Electrify America Solar Glow 1 project is expected to have a peak capacity of 75 MW, and estimated annual energy production of 225,000 MWh—enough to more… Read more »

TravelCenters of America to deploy 1,000 Electrify America fast EV chargers at 200 locations

TravelCenters of America (Nasdaq: TA), which operates a network of 281 travel centers (truck stops, to use the old-fashioned term) in 44 states under the TA, Petro and TA Express brands, is working with Electrify America to deploy DC fast charging at select TA/Petro locations. TA aims to install some 1,000 chargers at 200 locations… Read more »

Electrify America invests $3 million in California to promote EVs in disadvantaged communities

Electrify America has announced nearly $3 million in new investment to help four community-based organizations to promote zero-emission vehicle education and awareness in low-income and disadvantaged communities throughout California. This effort is part of the company’s existing plan to invest $200 million in California ZEV infrastructure and education programs through mid-2024. Through 2021, EA has… Read more »

Electrify America launches a new brand-neutral marketing campaign to promote EVs

It’s great to see that automakers are now including EVs in their all-pervasive advertising campaigns, after years of ignoring them. But car ads tend to be arty rather than practical, and many prospective customers still don’t understand how charging works. Enter Electrify America, with a new brand-neutral marketing campaign titled “As Seen on EV.” Modeled… Read more »