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3ti installs pop-up solar EV charging hub at Scottish hospital

UK solar car park company 3ti has installed its Papilio3 pop-up solar car park and EV charging hub at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Scotland.  Made from a recycled shipping container, the unit integrates solar and existing local power to fast charge up to 12 EVs simultaneously at 7, 11 or 22 kW, including those in… Read more »

3ti installs solar-powered charging hubs at Britain’s Silverstone Circuit motor racetrack

UK solar car park developer 3ti has installed three of its Papilio3 pop-up solar car parks with integrated EV charging at Silverstone motor racetrack near London.  “The UK urgently needs more widespread EV charging infrastructure,” said Andrew Troop, Sales Director at 3ti, “and we would encourage more businesses to take Silverstone’s lead by installing charging… Read more »

Paired Power’s solar canopy offers portable, modular EV charging—grid connection optional

A portable, self-contained charging station would be mighty handy in a variety of applications—events, emergency backup power, or maybe just a location where it’s not practical to install a permanent grid-connected charger. We’ve reported on several companies that offer such products, including Envision Solar and 3ti. Now Paired Power has introduced a new entrant to… Read more »

Papilio3 is a “pop-up” charging station that includes solar panels and battery storage

As the UK sweats through an unprecedented heat wave, the firm 3ti presents its Papilio3, a “pop-up mini solar car park and EV charging hub,” as a timely reminder of how the power of the sun can be harnessed to address the climate crisis. 3ti’s Papilio3 is built around a recycled shipping container, and the… Read more »