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FleetCarma digs deep into cold-weather EV data

Matt Stevens is the CEO of FleetCarma. The company created an EV monitoring solution and has compiled a large database of real-world EV performance. Is this normal?That is the question many first-time EV owners ask when the mercury drops below the freezing point. While cold weather affects all vehicles, the impact on plug-in vehicles can feel particularly intense. A… Read more »

Tesla Model S performs more cold-weather battery maintenance between trips than other EVs

Over the past five years, FleetCarma has been logging conventional vehicles in fleets to determine suitability for EV replacement. It also created an EV monitoring solution since existing telematics systems were unable to read and log the new EV signals. The result is a large database of real-world EV performance, and from time to time… Read more »

Fisker is hiring, rebuilding its supply chain

Things are stirring at Fisker Automotive. New owner Wanxiang plans to relaunch the Karma plug-in luxury sedan next year, and the company is hiring – its online job board lists some 45 open positions, including engineers, managers and interns. Fisker is renewing its relationship with Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies, the supplier of the Karma’s powertrain… Read more »

Could Wanxiang relaunch the Fisker as early as next year?

An unnamed source has told Reuters that the company is rushing to finish a new version of the Fisker Karma, and hopes to reintroduce it “by next year.” “It will have to be nearly identical to the 2012 model, or it would need to go through [safety] testing and certification again,” a supplier source said…. Read more »

Fisker needs to fix 250 “bugs” before production resumes

The Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang Group, Fisker’s new owner, is working to restart production of the Karma at a plant in Finland, and hopes to eventually assemble the luxury PHEV in the US. Two of the company’s top execs have been on a US tour, meeting with officials and politicians in Delaware, where Fisker… Read more »

Veterans fit smoothly into Tesla’s corporate culture

Tesla’s mission is to bring about a revolution in zero-emission transportation, and it is also a pioneer in the use of renewable energy and other eco-friendly business practices. Now the Silicon Valley trendsetter seeks to earn even more good karma, by becoming a leading employer of America’s military veterans. “We want to be known throughout… Read more »

Creditors queue up with claims against bankrupt Fisker

Some 618 parties have filed claims against Fisker Automotive, which declared bankruptcy in November. The outstanding claims total $985.4 million, including about $594 million in unsecured claims, and $383 million in secured claims, according to the bankruptcy court. Wanxiang America has been approved by the court to purchase Fisker’s assets, including a former GM plant… Read more »

Fisker bidder Hybrid Tech forms alliance with battery maker Boston-Power

Hybrid Tech Holdings, one of the companies seeking to acquire Fisker Automotive’s assets in bankruptcy court, has formed an alliance with Massachusetts-based battery supplier Boston-Power. As reported by Delaware Online, the new alliance could help Hybrid Tech compete with Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang, which has submitted a rival bid. Fisker’s future is expected to… Read more »

Wanxiang bids for Fisker again in last-minute offer

The assets of bankrupt automaker Fisker Automotive are scheduled to be transferred to Hybrid Technology LLC, which bought the automaker’s outstanding $168 million DOE loan for $25 million in October. However, just days before a hearing in which a judge will decide whether to give final approval to the deal, Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang… Read more »