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Virtual Twin For Battery Engineering

With the rise of Battery Powered Electric Vehicle, our world is becoming more and more dependent on batteries especially in Transportation & Mobility and High Tech industries. These disruptive changes are driven by regulations and consumers demands (Range, cost, sustainability, etc.). The complete value chain from material suppliers to Battery makers to Automotive/High Tech OEMs… Read more »

Vehicle As A Grid: EV And Infrastructure Solutions

Imagine a place where unseen technology powering our world is all around. Products and systems enabling an energy transition, power our vehicles and are integrated within our homes and cities, connecting us all. With a world-class portfolio of EV products and global expertise in electrical infrastructure development, Eaton’s “Everything as a Grid” approach is addressing… Read more »

AKASOL partners with Fraunhofer to develop automated battery recycling

German battery manufacturer AKASOL is has partnered with the Fraunhofer Research Institution to develop automated recycling processes for battery packs. “The rising demand for high-performance battery systems means that more raw materials, such as lithium, cobalt or nickel, are needed to manufacture these energy-storage technologies,” explains AKASOL Head of Product Management Dr. Björn Eberleh. “In… Read more »