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March plug-in sales: LEAF leaps ahead, Volt vindicated

In the spring a young person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…a new car! Overall auto sales were up 6% in March, and plug-in sales surged. 9,376 units were sold, a healthy increase both on February’s figure (7,055) and last March’s measure (7,982). The LEAF opened up a wide lead with 2,507 units, a respectable… Read more »

CHAdeMO spreading fast, as Association preaches peaceful coexistence

The Japanese-backed DC fast charging standard is steadily spreading across the globe. Nissan recently installed Europe’s 1,000th CHAdeMO charger, and growth in Japan and the US has been similarly swift. As of January 2014, there are 1,967 CHAdeMO chargers in Japan, 1,020 in Europe and 554 in the US. According to a recent statement from… Read more »

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV selling smartly in Europe

Mitsubishi seems to be in no hurry to bring its Outlander PHEV to the US, but the new plug-in SUV has gotten off to a splendid start in Europe. MMC launched the new model in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland last October, and has already booked over 12,000 orders. It had delivered over 8,000 units by… Read more »

Charging pains in Europe’s EV capital

Norway has quickly become the world’s EV trendsetter. In April, the LEAF was the second-best selling model in the country, and had sold over 4,500 units. In September, Tesla’s Model S became the top-selling car. In fact, EVs have long been popular in the Scandinavian country – the current total of 15,000 EVs also includes… Read more »

Plenty to like in Tesla quarterly report, but red ink causes stock to slide

Tesla’s earnings report for the third quarter of 2013, released Tuesday, told a tale of steady, if modest, progress on almost all fronts. The company delivered a record number of vehicles, increased its gross margins, increased its cash balance – and either earned or lost money, depending on how you’re counting. Just over 5,500 Model… Read more »

October plug-in sales: Toyota (or Ford?) snatches the lead

The three front-runners in the plug-in sales race are swapping some major paint – Toyota’s Prius Plug-in Hybrid edged into the lead with 2,095 sales for the month of October. Sales of the PPI have soared over the past three months after languishing in triple digits earlier in the year. It now looks likely that… Read more »

Musk in Germany: tuning for the Autobahn, faster Superchargers and a Model E prototype in a year

Elon Musk had a number of interesting things to say this week in a speech at a Tesla service center in Germany. He got the crowd fired up right off the bat, saying “We’re going to make a big investment in Germany – in fact, right now, Germany is our top focus in the world.”… Read more »

Tesla to offer CHAdeMO fast charging adaptor in the US

Tesla is famous for doing things differently. That’s not just because the company likes to be contrary, but because it often believes it’s found a better way, and that’s certainly the case with the company’s proprietary fast charging standard. Tesla is steadily building its own network of Supercharger DC fast charging stations across the US… Read more »