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EnviroSpark to deploy charging stations at 80 Starwood multi-family properties

Atlanta-based charging provider EnviroSpark has partnered with private investment firm Starwood Capital Group in a “multi-million-dollar” deal to deploy over 400 charging stations at some 80 multi-family home properties owned by Starwood across the US.  EnviroSpark will deliver and install the charging stations at sites in 12 states over the next six to twelve months…. Read more »

The 24/7 diner is part of the American Road Trip—and maybe an ideal site for a NEVI public EV charging station

As states begin to award National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program funding, what kinds of sites are getting most of the grants for public EV charging stations? So far, winners include gas stations and convenience store chains—and a Tennessee Waffle House. Tennessee has $88 million in NEVI money to dole out over 5 years. In… Read more »

Amperesand’s solid-state transformers could help break electric grid bottlenecks

Here’s a story we hear often: a CPO or fleet operator wants to deploy a large-scale EV charging facility, but the project is delayed for months or years because the local utility is waiting for the necessary transformers to be delivered. (Two out of two subjects of infrastructure articles in our current print issue—XCharge’s Alex… Read more »

While others sign whiny letters to the president, Georgia’s largest Ford dealership installs EV chargers and solar panels

For auto dealerships, adding EVs to their offerings requires some effort—and some substantial cash outlay. Automakers including Ford and GM are giving their dealers a choice—make the necessary investments in training and charging infrastructure, or don’t sell EVs. Akins Ford in Winder, Georgia, the largest dealership by volume in the state (as reported by Georgia… Read more »