Porsche workers agree to pay cut at EV production plant

Porsche Mission E

Times are tough at the Volkswagen Group these days, and some rank-and-file workers are surely wondering about their job security, even in labor-friendly Germany. This may explain why workers at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen plant have agreed to concessions worth several hundred million euros in order to secure production of the company’s battery-electric Mission E.

Earlier this month, Porsche announced plans to build the Mission E at its base in Zuffenhausen, which would create over 1,000 jobs. But wage costs of the 13,000 workers are higher than those at the company’s other plants, so management and labor leaders have agreed on several cost-cutting measures. Factory workers at Zuffenhausen will see their workweek extended to 35 hours from 34, and will forfeit part of a planned pay increase.

“Employer and employees have jointly drawn up measures that have led to the decision of producing the Mission E model at Zuffenhausen,” a Porsche spokesman told Reuters.

Porsche electric Mission E concept 2 Porsche Mission E


Source: Reuters