LG Chem Michigan creating more jobs as EV market grows


Korean batterymaker LG Chem is one of the rising stars of the EV revolution. Its cells power the Chevy Volt, and its components are an integral part of the new Bolt.  It will also supply the battery pack system and controls for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan.

This is translating into jobs in the city of Holland, Michigan, where the company added 140 new employees in 2016, bringing the total to over 450. New positions include technical operators, journeymen electricians and engineers.

The Holland plant manufactured over 6 million battery cells in 2016, enough for 30,000 vehicles, and is expected to produce even more in 2017.

“With unemployment rates being the lowest they’ve been in Ottawa County in 15 years, we’re proud that so many outstanding people chose to start their career with LG Chem in 2016,” said Jeremy Hagemeyer, Human Resources Manager. “We plan to continue adding to our team to meet growing demand for batteries.”


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Source: LG Chem Michigan