Next Generation PCB Relay Solutions to Replace Contactors in EV Chargers

Presented by:

  • Tucker Abe, Business Development Manager, OMRON

  • Zac Hendrix, Product Manager for Relays, OMRON

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Dec 4, 2023, 8:00 am EST

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The design of AC and DC EV charger products continues to evolve to meet the demand in the market for higher output power and compact packaging. The traditional solution is to utilize contactors, which are often costly, large, and require manual assembly. OMRON has developed solutions to these problems with their next generation PCB relays which are cost effective and save on energy and board space.

In this session, OMRON will showcase a variety of relay solutions to combat the issues that EV charger designers face:
• Cost, Size, and Weight Limitations
• Heat Generation from Componentry
• Meeting High Power Requirements
• Unreliable Manual Assembly

Watch now and discover how OMRON relays can be a beneficial product solution to the growing needs of EV Charging.

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