Predicting Energy Demand of Electric Fleets

Presented by:

  • Cecile Post, Business Development & Partnerships Manager, Chargetrip

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Dec 4, 2023, 9:15 am EST

In this session, we will explore how the prediction and simulation of energy demand can secure greater accuracy and speed in the investment and deployment of EV charging infrastructure, where it’s really needed.

This discussion will focus on:
• Why today's charging assumptions are leading to over-investment in infrastructure
• How to predict and simulate energy demand for fleets accurately and quickly
• Keeping drivers happy and confident in the electrification transition

Now available to watch on-demand: Register for this webinar to watch a recording of the presentation and audience Q&A.

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The sessions from our December Virtual Conference are now available to view on-demand. Register for a session below to watch the recording and download the presentation. This virtual event spanned all things EV charging in two main tracks:

Track 1: Deploying EV Infrastructure & Fleets
Content for fleet/facility managers, charging network operators, public transport planners, etc.

Track 2: Design & Manufacturing of Charging Systems
Content for engineers who are building, testing, and manufacturing charging systems.


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