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BASF to build black mass plant in Germany to recycle batteries

BASF has announced it will build a black mass plant for recycling batteries in Schwarzheide, Germany, where it already has a cathode active materials production and recycling facility.  The company says the new plant, which is expected to begin production in early 2024, will be built to the highest environmental, health and safety standards. BASF… Read more »

Leclanché develops new marine battery system

Leclanché, a Swiss energy storage specialist, has finished development of a marine battery system designed for electric and hybrid applications. It’s part of the Marine Rack System (MRS) product line, and will be available in 2023. The Navius MRS-3 is composed of 65 Ah G/NMC cells with laminated ceramic separators, Leclanché’s M3 Energy battery modules,… Read more »

SABIC launches new resin for EV battery modules

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has launched a new resin for the insulation film in EV battery modules with 600-800 V cells.  NORYL NHP8000VT3 is a polyphenylene ether (PPO)-based resin, and the company says that, compared to polycarbonate (PC) and polypropylene (PP) insulation films, NORYL NHP8000VT3 has “stronger CTI performance and thinner-wall FR capability.” “The… Read more »

NEO Battery Materials teaming up with Applied Carbon Nano Technology

Canada-based NEO Battery Materials has signed a collaboration agreement with Applied Carbon Nano Technology (ACN) to apply ACN’s carbon nanotube to NEO’s NBMSiDE silicon anode materials. The companies will also work together on opportunities in the CNT conductive additive market, and will appoint scientific advisors from ACN to assist the collaboration. “By attracting two new… Read more »

BASF introduces a new rubber binder for silicon anodes

BASF has introduced a new rubber binder designed for anodes, part of the company’s Licity product line. Licity 2698 X F is a styrene-butadiene rubber binder for anodes that have more than 20% silicon. The company says it has “excellent stress-strain properties and elasticity.” “Hurdles such as low range and long charging times can be… Read more »

Meta Materials to buy assets and IP of Optodot’s battery separator and coating tech

Materials and surfaces developer Meta Materials has signed an agreement to acquire all the assets and intellectual property of Optodot, a nano-composite battery separator and coating technology company. The acquisition, valued at $48.5 million, includes 67 patents and 22 pending patents. One of Optodot’s patents is for its third-generation NPORE ECS (electrode-coated separator) technology. “Optodot… Read more »

Researchers develop new method for making thin and oxide-based solid-state electrolytes

A team of researchers from MIT and Samsung have invented a new approach for manufacturing oxide-based and thin solid-state electrolytes that doesn’t require sintering. In an article published in Energy & Environmental Science, the researchers write: “We report a ceramic manufacturing method termed sequential decomposition synthesis (SDS), which results in ceramic films with thicknesses between… Read more »

CATL to supply batteries for Solaris electric buses in Europe

Chinese battery supplier CATL has announced that it will provide lithium iron phosphate batteries for Solaris Bus & Coach electric buses produced for the European market. CATL says the batteries have “exceptionally long battery life and high thermal stability.” The batteries have Cell to Pack (CTP) technology. “By removing the conventional module parts, the innovative… Read more »

AIMPLAS develops composite battery casings for battery swap system

Spanish plastics firm AIMPLAS is working on structural battery casings for a battery swap system intended for lightweight EVs. The casings are made of recyclable, long-fiber thermoplastic composites that are flame-retardant and designed to protect the battery from electromagnetic interference (EMI). “Thermoplastic matrix composites could play a key role in industry in the 21st century… Read more »