Insulation Systems For 800 V Traction Motors

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Apr 21, 2021, 2:00 pm EDT

As EVs move to 800 volts, it is important to consider the choice of insulating components used in the traction motors. The individual insulating components that comprise the insulation system must work well together to ensure reliable performance. The Increasing demands of the EV market like the increase to 800 volts have resulted in changes in the composition of the magnet wire insulations. Conventional insulations have been redesigned for increased performance or new insulations have been introduced leading to changes that can impact the interaction with insulating varnishes and resins. One of the key functions of insulating varnishes and resins is to coat and bond the magnet wire windings. These new combinations should be carefully examined.

Another consideration to moving to 800 volts, is the increased possibility of partial discharge. Partial discharge can be extremely damaging to organic insulations, and if partial discharge cannot be mitigated then the insulation materials must be able to withstand the partial discharge environment.

This presentation will highlight solutions to the potential problems with material interaction and partial discharge.

Presented by:

  • Mark Winkeler , Manager - Application Technology, ELANTAS PDG, Inc.

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