EV Test Overview: Accelerate Electric Vehicle Testing from Grid to Road

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Apr 19, 2021, 11:45 am EDT

Ever witnessed the crew in action at an automotive pit stop? It’s a synergy of technology, skills, and finely-honed processes at work to get the vehicle back on the road with speed, safety, and flawless performance. You too can create your next flawless automotive innovation with the latest technologies that enable better design, test, and manufacturability, for faster time-to-market.

This session covers advancements in design and test technologies for battery cells, modules, and packs, EV and EVSE interoperability, as well as high-voltage and power integration, to enable an efficient and viable renewable energy ecosystem. Our expert will highlight industry pain points and test strategies to overcome them, while efficiently balancing your investment of money, time, and resources within the test lab. Accelerate your next automotive innovation, from grid to road.

Presented by:

  • Dr.-Ing. Roger Uhlenbrock , Business Development Director, Keysight Technologies

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