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PowerHouse by Qmerit provides bundled home electrification solutions, including bidirectional EV charging

EVSE installation specialist Qmerit has launched a new suite of residential electrification installation and integration services. The new PowerHouse by Qmerit service is designed to streamline the complex process of deploying residential electrification equipment such as bidirectional EV chargers (which enable vehicle-to-home emergency power), solar panels, energy storage, load centers, heat pumps and other related… Read more »

EV Connect, Flash and Qmerit ally to provide a unified system of parking and charging

Three US-based companies, EV charging software provider EV Connect, parking technology provider Flash and EV charger installer Qmerit, have announced a partnership to combine their services to provide a seamless reservable parking and charging driver experience and simplified management for infrastructure owners and operators. EV drivers will be able to use Flash’s network of more… Read more »

Qmerit introduces EV charging warranty support and maintenance services

US EV charger installer Qmerit has announced a new suite of services, initially intended for EVSE makers and commercial charge point operators (CPOs). The new offerings include on-demand repairs, warranty support, coverage of equipment parts, and preventative and predictive maintenance. The new services are intended to help tackle consumer concerns documented in an August report… Read more »

Qmerit outlines key issues affecting EV adoption and public charger reliability

US EV charger installer Qmerit has produced a report through its recently established Electrification Institute that assesses pivotal issues with respect to widespread EV adoption and progress toward home and building electrification. Questions addressed involve affordability, the shortage of qualified electricians, how nano- and micro-grids will help underpin electrification infrastructure, and why virtual power plants… Read more »

EV charge management isn’t just for fleet depots: Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO

Q&A with Qmerit founder and CEO Tracy K. Price EV chargers aren’t the kind of hardware that’s typically installed by the customer—whether that customer is a homeowner who’s charging one EV, or a company with dozens of charging sites. An EV charger deployment generally requires the services of an installer (and larger projects sometimes involve… Read more »

NAPA collaborates with Qmerit to offer EV charging solutions

The National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA), which operates 6,000 auto parts stores and over 17,000 service centers in the US, is collaborating with Qmerit, a provider of EV charging installation services. NAPA will offer Qmerit’s turnkey EVSE installation services to charger buyers on Customers can request an online estimate for their installation and connect… Read more »

Qmerit to provide home charging installation for Ford Mustang Mach-E customers

EVSE installation specialist Qmerit has teamed up with Ford to offer home charging station installation services. Ford offers customers two options for at-home charging: the Ford Mobile Charger, a portable Level 1/Level 2 charger; and the Ford Connected Charge Station, a 48-amp hard-wired Level 2 charger with intelligent features and connectivity. Qmerit operates a network… Read more »

Leviton’s new 50 A heavy-duty receptacle is designed to meet the rugged requirements of EV charging

Professional EVSE installers understand that the standard electrical receptacles sold at big-box stores aren’t really suitable for use with plug-in EV charging stations (see our 2023 interview with Qmerit’s CEO). To support sustained high power levels and frequent insertions, you need something like Leviton’s new industrial-grade 50 Amp Heavy Duty EV Charging Receptacle. Leviton calls… Read more »

Uptime requirements may not cure the epidemic of unreliable public EV charging

The doleful reliability performance of public EV charging infrastructure isn’t news to anyone, and charging providers and government regulators are working to identify the problems and address them. However, as Canary Media reports in the second installment of a three-part series on public charging, one of the metrics that the white hats are relying on… Read more »

EV charger installation expert: Residential V2X could have a great future

Bidirectional charging and the vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid applications it enables (collectively known as V2X) have the potential to turbocharge the EV industry, both by providing valuable features for drivers and by making EVs into an asset for the electrical grid. At the moment, V2X is being used at commercial scale only in certain applications—mostly in… Read more »