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itselectric to use SWTCH software to optimize its curbside charging network

itselectric, a Brooklyn-based curbside EV charging company, has partnered with  SWTCH Energy, which specializes in EV charging solutions for multi-tenant buildings. SWTCH will provide software to itselectric for managing, maintaining and optimizing its charging network. “Today, the biggest barrier to deployment is the cost and complexity of connecting an EV charger directly to the utility’s… Read more »

Hyundai partners with itselectric to deploy curbside EV chargers in New York

Pity the poor drivewayless drivers, who park their cars on the street, and have no option to install EV chargers at home. Millions of car owners around the world suffer this plight, and a viable solution needs to be simple and inexpensive. Brooklyn-based itselectric offers “scalable and simple curbside EV charging that seamlessly integrates into… Read more »

itselectric raises $2.2 million in funding for its behind-the-meter curbside EV chargers

Brooklyn-based startup itselectric has raised $2.2 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. The company will use the new funding to focus on the deployment of pilot programs in major cities across the US in 2023. itselectric aims to address the Plight of the Drivewayless—millions of drivers park their cars on… Read more »

NYC’s curbside EV chargers see 72% utilization rate

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the solution to the Plight of the Drivewayless (those poor souls who can’t install EV chargers at their homes) is simply lots of curbside chargers (see London and Oslo). New York City began installing public curbside EV charging stations in 2021 as part of a pilot that was originally expected… Read more »

Is curbside charging the solution for the Plight of the Drivewayless?

The Plight of the Drivewayless—those poor souls who live in urban locales where they can’t charge their EVs at home—has emerged as a major drag on the speed of EV adoption. Solutions from the clever to the silly have been proposed, but if we look at dense cities where adoption is already well advanced, we’re… Read more »