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ABB delivers chargers for Gridserve Electric Highway charging network

UK charging provider Gridserve is expanding and upgrading its network of public charging stations. The company says its Electric Highway will include coverage for 85 percent of the UK’s motorway network, plus towns and cities across the country. Gridserve will install ABB’s Ultrafast DC and Fast DC chargers at many of its sites. ABB’s Ultrafast… Read more »

Gridserve plans 50 charging hubs in UK, with 350 kW chargers

Sustainable energy provider Gridserve has unveiled plans to develop a £100-million EV infrastructure project in the UK. The Gridserve Electric Highway will offer a network of over 50 electric hubs, each with between six and twelve 350 kW chargers. Ten of these hubs are scheduled to go into service this year. The company also plans… Read more »

UK’s Electric Highway completes upgrade of all its charging stations

Last July, UK energy provider Gridserve took over an existing public charging network, which had earned a reputation for being unreliable (not the only network in the world to suffer from this affliction). Gridserve renamed the network the Electric Highway, and set about upgrading all the charging stations. That process has now been completed. The… Read more »