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Easelink provides automated conductive charging for eTaxis in Austria

The Austrian cities of Vienna and Graz are gradually shifting to eTaxis. Starting in 2025, only emission-free taxis will be permitted in the country. A new project in the two cities will test a system that allows automated charging at taxi stands. The eTaxi Austria project will retrofit a total of 10 taxi stands and… Read more »

Electric taxis in Austria use automated charging system as the country phases out fossil-fueled taxis

Taxis in Austria are going electric. Starting in 2025, only emission-free taxis will be allowed (unlike some countries currently in the news, Austria has shown no signs of reneging on this pledge). Automated EV charging can greatly facilitate taxi electrification, as e-taxis can charge automatically while waiting at taxi stands. The eTaxi Austria project has… Read more »

Easelink tests automated taxi stand charging in Austria

One of the provisions of Austria’s Energy and Climate Plan calls for all taxis to be emission-free by 2025, and this is driving innovation. Authorities in the cities of Vienna and Graz have found that the best option is to provide charging infrastructure directly at taxi stands. This allows every minute between trips to be… Read more »

Easelink launches its automated Matrix Charging technology in the US

Austria-based Easelink is preparing for series production of its hands-free, automated conductive charging technology. The company will demonstrate its Matrix Charging technology for the first time to US industry players at the upcoming Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition in Sacramento. The Matrix Charging system consists of an underbody vehicle unit (the Connector) and a charging… Read more »