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Forum Mobility plans new charging depot for electric drayage trucks at Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility, a California-based freight electrification infrastructure provider, plans to build a heavy-duty truck charging depot adjacent to drayage carrier terminals at the Port of Long Beach. Supportive funding for the project will be provided by Honolulu-based nonprofit clean technology investor Elemental Excelerator. The fully staffed charging depot will offer 19 dual-port 360 kW chargers… Read more »

Under pressure from trucking trade groups, California agency will delay its drayage diesel ban

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) will delay enforcing some of the registration and reporting provisions of its Advanced Clean Fleets regulation, which had been scheduled to take effect at the end of 2023. Under the rule, drayage fleets and other “high-priority” fleets had until December 31 to register any legacy combustion-powered trucks operating at… Read more »

Forum Mobility secures funding to provide charging and vehicle solutions for drayage truck fleets

Zero-emission trucking solution provider Forum Mobility has secured a $15-million Series A funding round, and formed a new $400-million joint venture with CBRE Investment Management to provide zero-emission charging and vehicle solutions to drayage truck fleets and drivers. Homecoming Capital also participated in the Series A funding round and provided $100 million to the joint… Read more »

Electrify America to install charging stations with battery energy storage for drayage trucks at the Port of Long Beach

Electrify America is becoming an essential stakeholder in the electrification of the Port of Long Beach’s drayage fleet. The company plans to install 30 electric fleet-dedicated chargers paired with battery energy storage systems (BESS) at the Port, as part of EA’s $25-million Green City investment at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Electrify… Read more »

California drayage fleet operator orders 20 Kenworth T680E electric trucks

4 Gen Logistics, a provider of drayage services at ports and logistics terminals in California, has placed an order for 20 Kenworth T680E electric trucks. David Duncan is an owner of 4 Gen Logistics and a VP of Phoenix-based Duncan and Son Lines. The two companies currently operate a combined 147 Kenworth T680s. He decided… Read more »

California project deploys 100 electric regional haul and drayage trucks

Regional haul and drayage trucks, which transfer loads to and from ports, warehouses and logistics hubs, are a perfect use case for EVs, and present opportunities for dramatic emissions reductions. The South Coast Air Quality Management District, along with other state agencies, has announced a project to deploy 100 battery-electric regional haul and drayage trucks… Read more »

Electrify America to provide charging infrastructure, including on-site generation and storage, for NFI drayage trucks at California ports

Electrify America and logistics provider NFI Industries have announced plans for a major charging infrastructure project to support a fleet of heavy-duty electric trucks. NFI plans to deploy 60 battery-electric drayage trucks, which will be used to transport containers between the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and NFI’s Ontario, California facility. Electrify America… Read more »

DOE awards WAVE $8.4 million to develop charging platform for EV drayage truck

The DOE has awarded $8.4 million to EV technology company WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification) to develop and deploy high-power, fact-charging technology for EV drayage trucks at the Port of Los Angeles. WAVE will partner with Cummins, Schneider Electric, Utah State University and Total Transportation Services (TTSI) to develop a 500 kW wireless inductive charger… Read more »

California awards $23.6 million for electrified drayage trucks at seaports

Drayage trucks, which move freight around inside and between port facilities, are a major source of air pollution, and an excellent candidate for electrification. The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been testing various electrified options for several years. Now the state of California has awarded $23.6 million to the South Coast… Read more »

Find your niche: Balqon Corporation targets short haul drayage tractors

Electric vehicles (EVs) have their partisans and detractors. Supporters see the be-all and end-all transportation solution, while opponents argue the technology is too young. Somewhere between the two extremes lies the truth: today’s commercially available EVs have strengths and weaknesses compared to internal combustion engine (ICEs). The strong points include lower operating costs and lack… Read more »