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FlexGen’s containerized energy storage system minimizes demand charges for EV charging

FlexGen Power Systems, a provider of energy storage systems and related software, has launched a new system called Plug & Play FlexGen EV Charging Services, which uses the company’s updated HybridOS 9.3 energy management system platform. FlexGen’s EV charging solution provides a containerized energy storage system that’s designed to optimize energy consumption to ensure maximum… Read more »

Florida lawmaker says public chargers should be exempt from utility demand charges

Utility demand charges—steep fees that commercial customers pay when their power consumption exceeds a certain level—are the bane of public charging operators, and most Charged readers are probably familiar with how they work. Average Joe and Jane, however, are blissfully ignorant of their existence, and might be shocked to learn that they represent a roadblock… Read more »

GE pilot intelligently schedules charging to reduce demand charges

General Electric, together with Con Edison and researchers at Columbia University, is working on a way to use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software to help operators of public EV chargers avoid expensive demand charges from utilities. The GE team has developed an EV charging station that uses software to estimate how much electricity will… Read more »

Utility demand charges and electric vehicle supply equipment

Jeffrey Wishart, Senior Principal Engineer at ECOtality since 2009, conducts research and development on products and services in the areas of energy, the environment, and advanced transportation. In addition to his supervisory position at ECOtality, Dr Wishart worked for several years at a utility company in Queensland, Australia, conducting research into emerging energy technologies.  … Read more »

SWTCH Energy and AutoGrid to integrate multi-tenant EV chargers into demand response programs

Toronto-based SWTCH Energy specializes in EV charging solutions for multi-tenant properties. AutoGrid is a provider of virtual power plant (VPP) and distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS). The two companies have teamed up to integrate 250 EV chargers at multi-tenant properties into an active demand response program with a Canadian utility. Demand response involves incentivizing… Read more »

SparkCharge raises $7 million in new investment, expands on-demand charging service to 12 new cities

Mobile charging specialist SparkCharge has secured an increased Series A investment of $7 million from Cleveland Avenue, bringing the company’s total Series A funding to $30 million. The company will use the new funds to finance its aggressive growth strategy. SparkCharge has also announced plans to expand its Currently on-demand EV charging delivery service app… Read more »

SparkCharge raises $23 million to scale its on-demand EV charging service

Mobile charging specialist SparkCharge has raised $23 million in a Series A funding round co-led by Tale Venture Partners and Pendulum. SparkCharge will use the new funding to scale Currently, the company’s on-demand mobile charging app, which allows users to schedule a charge to be delivered to their EVs. SparkCharge says the Currently service has… Read more »

Service provider network Urgently to use SparkCharge’s on-demand fast charging solution

Urgently has partnered with SparkCharge to add on-demand EV charging to the services offered by its roadside and mobility assistance programs. The partnership combines SparkCharge’s Roadie, a portable, modular fast charging system, with Urgently’s Smart Mobility Assistance platform. “Mobile EV charging is among the innovative and vital services Urgently has identified to support our partners’… Read more »