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Is the Ford/Tesla charging agreement as big a deal as everyone thinks?

Unless you’ve just emerged from an internet-free retreat, you’ve surely heard that Tesla and Ford are planning to cooperate to open up the former’s Supercharger network to drivers of the latter’s EVs. The announcement quickly took over every EV-related news feed. Is this deal really as “surprising,” “unprecedented” and “game-changing” as people are saying? Yes… Read more »

Tesla says it’s “building” a new product. Is this the long-awaited Model 2?

Less-affluent EV fans have been hoping Tesla would produce a budget-priced EV since…well, since the company’s founding. Over the last few months, we’ve seen growing evidence that a cheaper Tesla—which the chattering classes have unofficially dubbed Model 2—is in the works. In April, Tesla revealed Master Plan Part 3, which included teaser-level info about three… Read more »

Piedmont Lithium and partner Sayona to provide lithium to LG Chem and Tesla from Quebec mines

Lithium producers are hustling to establish production in North America, and that’s a positive thing. However, it’s not going to happen at Silicon Valley speed. The mining industry has its own complex product cycles, and its own terminology, complete with plenty of acronyms. Piedmont Lithium’s joint venture partner, Sayona Mining, has released a definitive feasibility… Read more »

Electric truck expert: Tesla Semi is a great product, but may struggle against more established OEMs

The market for heavy-duty electric trucks is heating up—long-established OEMs and startups alike are moving on from the pilot stage, and filling substantial orders from customers. During a recent conversation with Rustam Kocher, once Charging Infrastructure Lead at Daimler Trucks North America and now a consultant (watch for the full interview in the next print… Read more »

Tesla says “No, thanks” to California subsidies for Supercharger projects

Tesla has backed out of a deal under which the company would have received up to $6.4 million in subsidies for four huge Supercharger stations in California, due to a requirement that the chargers incorporate credit/debit card readers. Tesla was awarded the funding last September through the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program Rural Electric… Read more »

Cable problems crop up as non-Tesla EVs begin charging at US Supercharger sites

Tesla has started to open some Supercharger stations to non-Tesla EV drivers in the US. EV boosters and influencers have been converging on the half-dozen or so “open” stations in the state of New York to test out the system and share some of the good and bad points. In a recent video, Marques Brownlee… Read more »

Magnis to supply US-processed graphite anode material to Tesla

Tesla has entered into a Binding Offtake Agreement with Australia-based Magnis Energy Technologies, “a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery technology and materials company,” for anode active materials (AAM).   Magnis is developing a graphite mine in Tanzania where it plans to extract “ultra-high-purity natural flake graphite.” Tesla plans to purchase at least 17,500 tons per year (tpa)… Read more »

Tesla to open up its US Supercharger network, double the number of chargers

The day when all EVs can use the same DC fast chargers just moved a little closer, as the White House announced that Tesla will move forward with plans to open its Supercharger network to non-Tesla EVs in the US. (Is that how it works when a company has no PR department?) Tesla, which rolled… Read more »

EV price war! Ford responds to Tesla price cuts, boosts production of Mustang Mach-E

The greatest barrier to EV adoption is the steep price premium relative to legacy vehicles—and for the past couple of years, prices have been moving in the wrong direction, thanks to supply-chain constraints and general post-COVID inflation. When Tesla recently announced price cuts of up to 20 percent, the boo-birds crowed about softening demand, but… Read more »