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CharIN head says J3400 (Tesla NACS) and CCS charging standards will co-exist for many years

A year ago, as automakers, EVSE suppliers and pundits enthusiastically jumped on the Tesla NACS bandwagon, the Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN) was one of the few voices urging a little caution. CharIN’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of charging standards, so the organization is now deeply involved with testing interoperability for NACS… Read more »

Charging/rideshare provider Revel hires former Tesla Supercharger exec

When Tesla’s CEO chose to disband the company’s Supercharger team, EV industry pundits predicted that many of those experts would soon be snapped up by other firms. Now we learn that rideshare/charging provider Revel has hired Edward Noseworthy to lead the company’s EV infrastructure design and construction team. Noseworthy, a seven-year Tesla veteran who oversaw… Read more »

Whatever happens to Tesla, adopting its NACS connector won’t solve EV charger reliability problems

The poor reliability of public EV chargers is an industry-wide scandal. A year ago, when legacy automakers started adopting Tesla’s NACS charging system, many seemed to assume that this would soon solve all the problems. More sober observers told us that one of the main reasons Tesla’s Superchargers have been so reliable is that vehicles,… Read more »

New fleet customer says Tesla Semi performs “well beyond expectations”

The rollout of the Tesla Semi has been slower than EVangelists would have liked. The electric semi tractor was first unveiled in 2017, and officially entered production in late 2022. Since then, it has been deployed in limited numbers. Last October, it was reported that Tesla had built about 70 Semis trucks, which were being… Read more »

Emporia’s new NACS EV charger is “comparable to a Tesla charger at a more affordable price”

Competition is good, but standardization is good too. As Tesla’s North American Charging Standard gradually becomes a true standard, drivers of Teslas and other EVs have more and more options for charging their NACS-capable EVs. The latest alternative to a Tesla-branded charger comes from EV charger manufacturer Emporia. The company’s new NACS Level 2 EV… Read more »

Federal Highway Administration requests comments on incorporating Tesla’s NACS connector into federal requirements

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has announced a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit feedback from stakeholders on updating FHWA’s minimum standards and requirements for EV charging stations to allow for new technology and continued innovation. The RFI focuses on the types of connectors used at federally funded EV chargers. Current requirements allow for alternative… Read more »

Chaevi unveils new 400 kW Tesla NACS-compatible DC fast charger for North America

EV charging equipment manufacturer Chaevi has announced the availability of its new all-in-one DC EV charger, which delivers a blazing 400 kW of power, for the North American market. This speed demon is expected to be fully NEVI-compliant by Q2 2024, and is available for pre-order now. This DC fast charger provides simultaneous charging from… Read more »

Federal Highway Administration solicits feedback on how to certify Tesla’s NACS for EV charging grants

The Federal Highway Administration is seeking feedback on how government rules should be updated to support the new NACS/J3400 standard, which enables other companies to manufacture and use Tesla’s formerly proprietary charging connector. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $7.5 billion in subsidies for public EV charging infrastructure. $5 billion of that will be funneled through… Read more »

SAE International lays foundation to implement Tesla’s NACS connector standard

Charging providers and automakers have rushed to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), which features a simpler and more compact connector than the brand-neutral CCS. In fact, the enthusiasm for NACS has been so great that the market has outrun the standards-adoption process. SAE International has now taken a major step towards bridging that… Read more »

Toyota demonstrates Tesla-inspired gigapress die-casting process

It’s been a long time since auto industry observers have seen Toyota as an innovator, so it was a pleasant surprise when the world’s second-largest automaker demonstrated a version of the die-casting process pioneered by Tesla, using a massive hydraulic press to cast the entire rear third of an auto chassis as a single piece…. Read more »