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Smith Electric Vehicles suspends production

Smith Electric Vehicles, a builder of electric medium-duty trucks that was featured in our January 2013 issue, has suspended production, but CEO Bryan Hansel is adamant that the company is not closing its doors for good. Hansel said that Smith decided on the temporary stoppage because the business is building vehicles at a loss and… Read more »

Smith Electric Vehicles to electrify Taiwan’s garbage trucks

Commercial EV builder Smith Electric Vehicles has signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture with Taikang Technology Corporation, a Taiwanese manufacturer in that specializes in upfitting municipal commercial vehicles. The JV plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Taiwan, which will produce 5,000 vehicles in its first three years. Taikang has… Read more »

Smith Electric Vehicles: the long haul and the short end of the stick

Smith sees a bright future in electric trucks on the horizon, but must wade through a sea of speculation to get there.  All Smith Electric Vehicles Corp. wanted was a long-term growth strategy that would let the company scale up production of its all-electric, zero-emission medium-duty trucks at the same time that it beefed up… Read more »

Grabbing the prime real estate for electric truck charging hubs

Q&A with Zeem Solutions CEO Paul Gioupis. Charging-as-a-service is a hot business proposition these days, and for good reason. Electrifying a vehicle fleet is a complex undertaking that requires specialized skills and resources that most companies don’t have. It makes sense for organizations to focus on their core activities, so just as they outsource things… Read more »