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SAE International forms committee to develop standard for energy-efficient and sustainable EVs

SAE International, in collaboration with Intel, has established a new committee to advance the energy efficiency of EVs. The Vehicle Platform Power Management Committee (J3311), which is chaired by Intel, aims to use power management principles from the PC industry to make all EVs more energy-efficient and sustainable. This new committee will establish a Vehicle… Read more »

SAE International lays foundation to implement Tesla’s NACS connector standard

Charging providers and automakers have rushed to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), which features a simpler and more compact connector than the brand-neutral CCS. In fact, the enthusiasm for NACS has been so great that the market has outrun the standards-adoption process. SAE International has now taken a major step towards bridging that… Read more »

SAE International announces alignment methodology for wireless EV charging standard

SAE International’s Wireless Power Transfer & Alignment Taskforce has been working on a new wireless EV charging standard for some time. Now, following a “lengthy consensus process,” the group has decided upon Differential Inductive Positioning System (DIPS) as the technology alignment methodology for the SAE J2954 standard, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for Light-Duty Plug-in/Electric Vehicles… Read more »

SAE International updates standard for bidirectional EV/charger communication

The SAE International Hybrid Communication and Interoperability Task Force has completed an extensive revision of SAE Standard J2847/2: Communication Between Plug-in Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers. This update is the first step towards the goal of enabling EV and charging station providers to use the same communication code for bidirectional DC charging, including Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)… Read more »

SAE International launches certification for EV charger repair technicians

Anyone who regularly uses, or attempts to use, public EV chargers will surely agree that there’s a pressing need for EVSE repair technicians. Standards body SAE International has produced a certification program to verify skills and knowledge of technicians who maintain, repair and operate EV charging stations. The SAE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician… Read more »

SAE International announces standardization process for Tesla’s NACS connector

As the US EV industry rushes to embrace Tesla’s charging system, one of the criticisms that we’ve heard is that, whatever Tesla may say, NACS isn’t truly a standard. Now standards body SAE International has taken a step towards alleviating that problem, announcing that it will standardize the NACS connector in order to ensure that… Read more »

SAE International launches initiatives centered on EV charging station reliability

The abysmal dependability of public chargers is a major problem, and fixing it is going to require some serious technical expertise and industry-wide cooperation. So it’s encouraging to see industry heavyweight SAE International, which calls itself “the oldest and largest technical society for engineers in the US, and the largest mobility standards organization in the… Read more »

SAE releases new lithium-ion battery storage standard

Standards authority SAE International has released a new standard document, SAE J3235, which aids in mitigating risk for the storage of lithium-ion cells, traction batteries and battery systems intended for use in automotive-type propulsion systems and similar large-format applications. A need for recommendations on how to store lithium-ion batteries has been identified due to multiple… Read more »

SAE Power Rating can now be applied to EVs

SAE International has released a standard document, “J2908 Vehicle Power and Rated System Power Test for Electrified Powertrains,” that defines methods to determine peak power ratings for electrified vehicles, and establishes a framework for testing, data post-processing and reporting of SAE System power for vehicles with electrified powertrains. “SAE Certified Power was designed for conventional… Read more »

SAE releases recommended practice for safe battery testing

SAE International has released SAE J2464: Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) Safety and Abuse Testing, a revised recommended practice for establishing safe battery systems. Originating in 1999 when the industry recognized the need for safety and abuse testing of battery systems in the mobility sector, the revised J2464 recommended practice… Read more »