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Leviton launches Pro Series EV charging stations with AmpUp charging management software

Electrical equipment manufacturer Leviton may be best known for its lighting control devices, but the company has been making EV charging hardware for a decade. Leviton has now announced a partnership with charging management company AmpUp. Leviton’s new EV Series Pro charging stations include 48- and 80-amp level 2 stations, available with or without LCD… Read more »

Leviton’s new EV charging stations integrate with lighting and smart home tech

Leviton sells both residential EV chargers and wireless smart home technology. Now the company is bringing these two product lines together with the launch of a new line of charging stations that are compatible with the My Leviton app. The new EV Series Charging Stations, which will be available this quarter, includes 32-, 48- and… Read more »

Leviton’s new Evr-Green DC fast charging station

Leviton has added a new smart DC fast charging station to its EVSE portfolio. The Evr-Green DC is designed for highway rest stops, retail locations and other commercial and public applications. The Evr-Green DC station features both CCS1 and CHAdeMO connectors, and has an LCD screen for customer interaction. The Evr-Green is integrated with ChargePoint… Read more »

Leviton launches new 40-amp EV Charge Connector Assembly

Leviton has introduced a new 40-amp EV Charge Connector Assembly. The J1772-compliant connector assembly was designed for the Leviton Evr-Green family of EV chargers, and is rated at 40 amps of current or 9.7 kW of power. According to the company, it is designed to address an emerging trend for EVs to use larger on-board chargers. The… Read more »

Waiting lists lengthen for Fit EV as Honda includes Leviton home charging station with lease

A better lease deal and more availability seem to have led to a surge in demand for the Fit EV, and dealers may not be able to keep up. The electric hatchback can now be leased for $259, with no limit on annual mileage, and it’s available at every Honda dealer in eight states (California,… Read more »

Leviton scores a million in funding to install public and workplace chargers in New York

EV drivers in the Empire State will soon have plenty of places to charge, thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Charge NY” initiative. Equipment manufacturer Leviton has announced that it has been awarded a $1 million grant to install its Evr-Green Dual Port Level 2 charging stations at various workplaces throughout Upstate New York, New York… Read more »

2015 Kia Soul EV: A strong contender in the growing EV market

Charged faithfully reports on every new plug-in vehicle that comes out, and while there are reasons to be excited about pretty much all of them, there’s always a question lingering in the background: Does this manufacturer plan to actively market its new EV, or is this just another compliance car, to be produced in limited… Read more »

ChargePoint has a staggeringly high attach rate with new plug-in vehicle buyers, and it’s accelerating

ChargePoint is the latest entrant into the crowded residential charging station market. The ChargePoint Home was announced in January, and later this year when it goes on sales, it will begin vying for a spot on garage walls up against multinational conglomerates and long-established EVSE companies like ABB, AeroVironment, Bosch, ClipperCreek, Eaton, GE, Leviton, Lite-On,… Read more »

The EVSE GMI circuit: Should the standards be changed?

Leviton’s Director of Engineering explains the EVSE GMI circuit and why he believes the standards should be changed. One of the many safety features integrated into EVSE is the ground monitor interrupter (GMI) circuit. The GMI circuit ensures that the ground path is connected from the vehicle chassis all the way to the electric service… Read more »