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KPMG and Circulor partner to provide digital battery passport software package

Multinational professional services firm KPMG and UK-based supply chain traceability firm Circulor have announced an alliance to offer a software package known as a digital battery passport, which enables the tracing, monitoring and control of critical raw materials throughout battery value chains, from extraction to beyond a product’s first life.  The software, designed for compliance… Read more »

The US and EU take different approaches to the threat of Chinese EV imports

Governments in North America and Europe are seriously concerned about China’s growing dominance of the EV industry. Chinese automaker BYD recently surpassed Tesla as the world’s leading seller of EVs, and it’s only one of several Chinese-owned brands that are already selling cars in the US and the EU. However, the world’s #2 and #3… Read more »

Volvo: Electric buses could save cities millions per year

It’s indisputable that electric buses can save local transit authorities substantial amounts on fuel and maintenance costs. However, a new analysis conducted by the Volvo Group and the audit and advisory firm KPMG finds that, taking into consideration such factors as noise, travel time and emissions, the total savings may be much higher. “Standard investment… Read more »