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Mer, Hubject and Driivz to demonstrate Plug and Charge seamless EV charging system

EV charging operator Mer Germany, eRoaming provider Hubject, and energy management software provider Driivz are working together to implement Plug and Charge, and the three EV industry collaborators will demonstrate the technology at the upcoming Intercharge Network Conference (ICNC23) in Berlin. Some public charging networks force users to deal with apps, logins, or even such… Read more »

Rhythmos integrates the Driivz charging and energy management platform

EMBARGOED UNTIL TUESDAY, JULY 11TH AT 6 AM ET Rhythmos and Driivz are teaming up to optimize EV charging for utilities and fleets. Rhythmos says its utility-deployed solution can double charging capacity by optimizing charging schedules pushed through the Driivz EV charging and energy management platform. The Driivz platform, which the company says is already… Read more »

Nordic EV fast charging provider Recharge deploys Driivz software platform

Scandinavian charge point operator Recharge has implemented the Driivz software platform for its charging network in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The Driivz solution for Recharge includes integrated software modules for EV charge point operations, including real-time operator dashboards, self-healing algorithms for proactive issue resolution and asset management, and EV billing operations that support multiple currencies,… Read more »

Driivz to provide EV charging and energy management platform for Shell

Oil giant Shell has selected the Driivz EV charging and smart energy management software platform to support its build-out of new charging locations in 10 European countries. Initially, Shell will deploy Driivz’s EV charge point operations management software as the framework for new installations in Austria and France. The Driivz platform provides real-time monitoring of… Read more »

OBE Power selects Driivz platform for its charging network

OBE Power, which operates a private network of smart, distributed EV chargers, plans to adopt Driivz’s end-to-end charging and energy management platform. Miami-based OBE Power offers an owner-operated Charging as a Service (CaaS) business model for host customers and charge point operators, including software that enables cross-platform integration, fleet operations and Vehicle to Grid (V2G)… Read more »

Japanese charging provider e-Mobility Power chooses Driivz charging management platform

Japanese charging provider e-Mobility Power (eMP) has migrated and unified its network of more than 27,000 chargers onto the Driivz end-to-end EV charging and energy management software platform. Driivz’s technology comprises operations management, authentication and billing, a mobile app and web self-service tools. In April 2021, eMP took over the Nippon Charge Service (NCS). Driivz… Read more »

Driivz and Hubject partner to implement Plug & Charge system based on ISO 15118

Driivz, provider of a charging and energy management software platform, is cooperating with eRoaming provider Hubject to deliver a seamless Plug & Charge EV experience based on ISO 15118. The ISO 15118 standard defines the communications protocol between charging stations and EVs. One of the nifty features it enables is Plug & Charge, which allows… Read more »

Driivz provides a charging management platform to revamp Estonia’s fast charging network

Back in 2013, Charged reported on Estonia’s deployment of a nationwide charging network, one of Europe’s first, and a state-of-the art achievement at the time. Alas, the network soon fell behind the times—the chargers weren’t networked, and weren’t compatible with industry standards. Maintenance faltered, and the driver charging experience was generally poor. Now a local… Read more »

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in EV charging software company Driivz

Volvo Group Venture Capital makes investments that support collaborations between startups and the Volvo Group, especially in areas such as logistics services, site solutions and electrical infrastructure. The group’s latest investment is Driivz, a software company that calls itself “the operating system for global EV charging.” The Driivz platform is designed for managing large charging… Read more »

Driivz to provide charging software platform to Eastern European gas station chain

More and more petroleum retailers are offering EV charging, and this trend is spreading to Eastern Europe. Israeli charging software specialist Driivz will supply the Budapest-based oil company MOL Group with a charging management platform and a self-service app for drivers. MOL currently operates charging stations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and… Read more »