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CharIN unveils OPNC protocol to enable supplier-agnostic Plug & Charge

EV charging standards facilitator CharIN has introduced the Open Plug & Charge Network Communication (OPNC) Protocol, which is designed to elevate the Plug & Charge functionality of EV charging infrastructure. This API protocol enables supplier-agnostic Plug & Charge with Multi-V2G-PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and Multi-MO-PKI (mobility operator) interoperability based on the ISO 15118 standard. Plug… Read more »

CharIN head says J3400 (Tesla NACS) and CCS charging standards will co-exist for many years

A year ago, as automakers, EVSE suppliers and pundits enthusiastically jumped on the Tesla NACS bandwagon, the Charging Interface Initiative North America (CharIN) was one of the few voices urging a little caution. CharIN’s mission is to facilitate the adoption of charging standards, so the organization is now deeply involved with testing interoperability for NACS… Read more »

Companies test the latest and greatest EV charging technologies at CharIN’s annual Testival

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), a non-profit standards association with over 300 global members, conducts an annual “Testival” at which vehicle OEMs and EVSE providers test the compatibility between specific EVs and charging stations. CharIN describes the event as “speed dating” for vehicles and chargers. The 2023 Testival North America, a three-day event hosted by… Read more »

CharIN launches new taskforce for wireless power transfer

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is a global alliance of EV and EVSE providers that promotes universal charging standards such as CCS, MCS and ISO 15118. Now CharIN has launched a Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce, initiated by Siemens, WiTricity, and MAHLE, in order to drive the adoption and standardization of wireless charging solutions for EVs…. Read more »

Nxu exits CharIN, tests a proprietary megawatt EV charging system

As if one standards war (CSS vs Tesla’s NACS) weren’t enough, one company is now developing its own charging standard for heavy-duty EVs. Nxu, a manufacturer of battery cells and packs, says it will soon begin alpha field trials of NxuOne, a proprietary charging solution that can deliver up to 1.5 megawatts of continuous power…. Read more »

CharIN North America issues call for partners to establish EV charger testing sites

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is a global alliance of EV and EVSE providers, including 60 members headquartered in the US. It promotes universal charging standards such as CCS, MCS and ISO 15118. For the past seven years, the organization has hosted bi-annual testing events, including the recent Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS) in Long… Read more »

CharIN is not thrilled about the Ford/Tesla charging deal

Ford and Tesla recently reached an agreement that will give Ford EV customers access to Tesla’s network of 12,000 North American Superchargers starting in 2024. What’s more, Ford says it will equip future EVs with Tesla’s NACS charging port starting in 2025. The deal is the talk of the EV industry, and most of the… Read more »

CharIN and ICMM launch new task force to electrify mining vehicles

The electrification of mining haul trucks has taken a step forward with the launch of the CharIN Mining Task Force, a partnership between charging standards body CharIN and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM). The task force will address technical bottlenecks around the interoperability of charging systems for zero-emission mining vehicles. These are… Read more »

WattEV to host CharIN event to test ISO 15118 EV charging standard

The Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) is an organization that works to promote standards in the EV charging industry, and one of its roles is bring stakeholders together to test new charging equipment and standards. Now CharIN plans to bring together some 50 manufacturers for a major EV testing event. The Vehicle Interoperability Testing Symposium (VOLTS)… Read more »

CharIN praises final NEVI rules for supporting EV interoperability and open standards for charging

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has released the final National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Standards and Requirements rule, and so far it appears that there’s a lot to like in the 144-page tome. The document (which the White House described in slightly less verbose terms) contains not only some welcome standards aimed at improving the… Read more »